Drug Abuse Poem

Life isn't fair...it was never meant to be fair...

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© more by Tammy

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008 with permission of the Author.

As the glass meets my lips
As the sweet smoke fills my lungs
I can feel myself losing grip, beginning to slip
The world fades to gray, as my mind begins to sway.

As soon as I leave the earth,
I smash down again to burn for my sins.
The smell drives me insane
As I load up to get messed up again.

The day begins with the sound of coughing
My mom walks in and I carry on smoking
"When will you stop" she asks
I don't reply, I load again, wondering why.

My voice is gone and I can't breath
Yet still my fingers are loading the poison for me,
I try to stop, but I start again, as if I never left
Is this my life? Is this what I am to become?

I sit alone now in the room of people.
My friends have all gone but one...
Waiting for me to load it up and take a hit
Who am I to be able to resist?

This is it. This is the end
I can't handle the lies and mistrust
I have to end this now or forever be a slave.
I will see the light once again.

The world is black and has no hope,
Another hit meets my lips,
Sorry my angel, I have failed.

When you forget me, you will survive,
You will live for the light.
But don't forget me, alone and unlovable
For I cannot stop what I have began,
With my chosen poison, I have become undone.


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