Drug Abuse Poem

Friend Stealing Pills

I wrote this poem.. when I got in trouble for my mom's missing pain medication. I soon found out that it was my best friend that was stealing them behind my back. Drugs can ruin friendship and your life.

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These Pills That Kill


Published: April 2008

You've done as I've done,
You've stolen what I have stolen,
But now you've stolen from me,
As I fall and take the heat,
I'm as mad as you think,
Plus more,

I'm not sure what to do with you,
I'm not sure what to say to you,
I can't stop thinking about it,
About you,
I have nothing to say to you,
I have nothing to fucking say to you,
But I'll listen to your lies,
Your excuses, and your denial,
I don't know what to do with you,
I'll think about it,

Your obliviously upset,
But who can blame you,
You lost respect,
You lost friends,
And now you've lost a best friend,
Consequences are tough,

I thought I'd feel better now,
But I really don't,
I feel worse,
I think about what you really need,
Which is obviously help,
These pills that kill pain,
They haven't helped.


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