Prison Poem

Poem About Issues With Prison System

Dedicated to all of those in a prison relationship!
This poem is about my boyfriend who was in jail. We really need to look at the punishment methods of this country and if they are effective and how it can be reformed! Thanks for reading!

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Prison Walls


Published: July 2012

if you're a jailbird
you can fly away
soar, from your cell
where they sell
punishment and pain
feeding you
anger fear and strain

underneath your veins
not velvet red but boiled black
why are you trapped in concrete
are you fed a new practice or
recreational self defeat?

the sun's rays seem but a fairytale
trapped soul, trapped mind
craving nothing but escape
exoskeleton of a man
lifeless scaly grey
but these are bad people
society must say!

they need this time
to dwell on their crime
community corrections
strip them of growth
but with the power of money
they can seek tricky freedom

do you find
solace in
solitary confinement?
because I don't know what to do
with a just a memory of you
a brittle thorn of pain

I know this man
to be deserving of choice
but that's not how big business works
they walk out
and walk in backwards through door
as society sticks labels

but did they have the privilege to learn
how to correct
the primitive destructive ways of their brain?
a new method we must find

'cause see I'm doing time
just as you
seems I'm trapped too
metal underneath your head
a soft pillow caresses my head
a stone follows the weight of your crazed
isolated walk
jolts of fear
no vulnerability there

and here I'm
comforted by freedom of choice
and yet who I chose is boxed in sin
patterns are locked
closed chained hearts
67 meal 3 times a day
I know there to be a better way

cuz a flower can't grow without the sun
let me unlock you
and in me too
we'll grow stronger than any bars.


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