Drug Abuse Poem

I have struggled with drug abuse for years and this is one of my many poems I have written to get some of my feelings of the past out!

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Road To Recovery


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2009 with permission of the author.

In just a few  years she has seen and experienced far too much,
Such a young young girl but to her anger she clutched,
Scared and vulnerable she got on the wrong wrong path,
6 years later it's a long long path.
16 years old and she's bursting with rage,
Emotions spinning and twisting all over this page.
From abuse to alcohol to drugs and prostitution,
She's feeling lower than low and trapped in confusion.
She's never really cared about what could happen,
But its time she got herself together and get her life into action.
She's trying desperately hard to sort herself out,
She wants things to go right but she has her doubts.
She's not going to give up until she reaches the end of the road to recovery,
That place where the grass is greener and the sun shines brightly.
Now this is the time where she's packing up living the victim in disaster,
And giving in gets further and further away quicker and even faster.
Round about now she's not scared to show emotion,
All that she wants is an end to this commotion.
The tears are streaming down her face,
And  the battle is on its time to race.


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