Drug Abuse Poem

This is about a real struggle with drugs and how they have more power then we should give them. For everyone who's been lost in the world of drugs don't give up the struggle because there is a light at the end of the tunnel

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Dear Friend

© more by Nichole

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2012 with permission of the author.

Dear Friend,

I'm slowly losing hope, and my minds beginning to
looking around not knowing, how I got to this
I've taken so many chances, and I wasted so much
still writing this letter, as my words continue to

I Thought drugs were a joke, don't be naive
they'll get you
they never get you that high, they only know how
to subdue
and to these delusional drugs, I'll probably lose
my life
I'm to immature to have children, too not caring
to be a wife

you may say I need help, that I just need some
medicine to get me by
But, your just not understanding, how much these
drugs want me to die
I know they'll get me soon, pretty soon I won't
even fight
trapped in the darkness, still haven't found the

If these are my last words to you, I want them to
forever last
remembering all our memories, wishing I could
re-live the past
I no longer want to stay in the present, I wish it
was already done
just always know you may start the day with many,
but will end it with one

always keep an open mind in life, I had to learn
that on my own
and look beyond peoples words, there's many things
that are unshown
There are some people out to get you, and some
that just wait to die
some are out for money, and others live life just
to get high

I've meet all of these kind of people, but could
never be one
threw many pennies in a wishing well, but left the
outcome un-won
please hold on to your life and just don't ever
let it go
you can't understand now, but trust me, some day
you'll know...

And now I have to leave, I'm left with no other
my words begin to disappear as I slowly lose my
But remember me, please just remember me,
Finally my turn.....Soon I'll be Free


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