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My son wrote this years ago while in junior high, being bullied every day because of his weight. Now he works as a machinist in the aerospace field.

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I know the feeling. I have been bullied for having a crush on people when I didn't. It happened for almost a year. I thought the next year it will be fine, but they started to bully me again...

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I Am


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2007 with permission of the Author.

I am like everyone else
I wonder why no one understands me
I hear the whispers
I hear 'em laugh
I can see the cruel jokes as I pass by
I pretend not to hear

I am like everyone else
I feel all alone
Will they ever see

I touch lives of everyone around me
I dream of happier times

I am like everyone else
I understand that people are different                     
I hope everyone else will see
I try to be the best I can be
I am like everyone else

Charles Castro
7th grade 1996


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  • Aragan by Aragan
  • 4 years ago

I know the feeling. I have been bullied for having a crush on people when I didn't. It happened for almost a year. I thought the next year it will be fine, but they started to bully me again about me having a crush on another person! I was so frustrated. I didn't even want to go to school. I even got bullied because I was really smart. They would call me nerd and bully me if I get a question wrong because they'd expect me to get everything right.

  • Dakota by Dakota
  • 2 months ago

same happened to me and i still can't deal with it anymore i am annoyed by it but they don't get that.

  • Histar1999 by Histar1999
  • 5 years ago

I have been bullied all my life because I don't like to keep up with the latest trends and prefer to be comfortable instead. Then I did a Wu Shu Kwan Chinese Kickboxing in front of the school and it got better. But now I'm at secondary school and it's gotten bad again. Please tell your son how amazing this poem is and the amount of people it's touched. I personally love it.

  • Brittany Hubbard by Brittany Hubbard
  • 8 years ago

I know how this feels I used to be bullied and this poem actually describes how I felt in a way. It doesn't happen anymore thankfully but bullying is never something that is fun. Or to be a victim of or to be a bully. Thank you for putting this out here.

  • Kathryn by Kathryn, N.C.
  • 10 years ago

When I was in 4th-6th grade I was bullied for the opposite reason; I'm extremely skinny. I don't have a eating disorder or anything, I'm just naturally skinny. They would also make fun of me because I didn't have really big boobs. Plus I was called 'unattractive' because I was kind of pale. Loved the poem though <3

  • Mackenzie by Mackenzie, Md
  • 11 years ago

I am 9 in the 5th grade I'm autistic and have OCD I know what it feels like to be bullied. I had long hair and was bullied. I now have short hair and bullied . People who I thought were my friends now call me a boy, fat, laughs at the way I dress . And just poor me it drains the feeling out of you and makes you feel worthless .

  • Madison by Madison, South Dakota
  • 12 years ago

I'm 15. And I've been bullied so much. It doesn't happen anymore, but I can see were your coming from.! When I was bullied, it was all out of jealousy. Like, I didn't have like any diseases or anything, but it was total jealousy over this boy. Anyways, moral to the story.. Don't let things bother you.. Just be yourself and f*ck everyone who makes fun of it!

  • Madison by Madison
  • 12 years ago

I am in 7th grade I'm just 12 and I know how it feels to be bulled and I hate it it has got so bad to where I hate going to school! It's really bad in my 2p. class........I feel like no one cares, like I don't belong. I look at the pretty girl that has this great life...I am bullied for who I am. I try not to hear what they say because when I hear what they say I want to cry just cry all day. I don't show it. I don't tell teachers and I don't tell my mom I don't tell my friends because they would just say its stupid to stay STRONG....but if they heard or if they were me then they wouldn't be saying that.......I just never want this to happen to anyone....

  • Yotsuba by Yotsuba
  • 12 years ago

I am 15 now and I got bullied for where I come from and for my language, you guys can speak English and answer them, but how about the people that came from another country because they have war in their country and can't answer them.

I used to understand what they are saying but I was scared to answer them I was scared that I make mistake with my English I was learning how to write my name in English but now I speak loud and stop them don't make them scare you, you should scare them .

  • Mallory by Mallory, Texas
  • 12 years ago

My name is Mallory, and I'm 14 years old. FFP has helped me a lot, and when I read this, I broke down in tears. I self harm, and am severely Underweight, and I get teased about it. a lot. I'm scared, but I know I can make it through. You can to. X<3X

  • Anya by Anya
  • 13 years ago

It's hard when you are bullied, when I was 12 I was bullied by the way I dressed and how my body is and now I'm 13 I just feel left out

  • Norfolk by Norfolk
  • 13 years ago

I know what it's like being bullied, I'm now 12 yeas old, everyone bullies me because of the color of my hair. I try to take no notice but I just can't help it... I've just lost my best friend because of people bullying me, now I'm getting home schooled and the bullying is stopping a little bit, but I'm still scared to go outside in case they start on me again.

  • Lexi by Lexi
  • 15 years ago

that hits me really deep. my boyfriend, who I love dearly, was teased and bullied at primary school for being overweight and 'ugly'. It is something that he simply got used to, and even now, at the end of high school, can't see himself any differently, and doesn't think that anyone else would bother to see him differently. He is the most amazing boy, and has been my best friend for the past 4&1/2 years, and he is absolutely gorgeous on the outside as well as the inside these days, tall and muscled, with a gorgeous cheeky smile. I've seen pictures of when he was at primary school, and he really wasn't that bad. I think he was a cute kid. I hate bullying, and it hurts me that this amazing guy still feels the effects of it long after it has stopped.

  • Jaimee by Jaimee
  • 15 years ago

I know how he feels. I am in year 8 at high school and I also get bullied a lot because of my weight. The worst sort of bulling was when it was behind my back. No one should be treated this way. Today kids also get teased for being skinny I don't understand that people r teased for being over weight then other people are teased for being skinny. This poem spoke to me because I know what it feels like to hear whispers and rude remarks. I would like to thank the writer because now you have put out that even thought people look different doesn't mean that they are a freak.
I want people to know that even today in 2008 kids still get teased for being overweight.
To all the bullies out I would like to say that it is not ok to tease people because they can be emotionally scarred

  • Shea And Clare by Shea And Clare
  • 15 years ago

I know how it feels to be bullied or teased. As I little-er girl, I was excluded because of my likes and dislikes. I also had a severe case of ADD/ADHD, and that was another thing I was often teased for.
After a while I became so miserable that my parents transferred me to Miriam where I learned to control my problem, and I met other kids like me- some where as obsessed with DC comics like I was, especially BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AND SPEEDY, FLASH, GREEN ARROW, AND ROBIN... PLUS BEAST BOY.)
Anyways, I am in sixth grade now and I'm doing great... I'm really popular, and I have a ton of friends. Life really took a change for the best.

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