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When your back's against the wall- it does not mean it wont turn the other way. More than anything look forward to happy endings and refuse to be negative!

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Storm Is Life


Published: December 2008

When it's to rain,
clouds gather up in the sky.
So dark, mild, puffy and scary.
No place is laid out for better safety.
Here, is where all shall stay to witness thunder
and its blossoming lightning.
Creatures go about with no assurance of survival.
But nature, embraces our powerless selves
to relax knowing that all is well.
Like trouble, when it affiliates our lives
without a sign of caution.
Brings nothing but turmoil to these shaken souls-
Helplessly gazing ahead for all confusion to pass on.
Earth is never fun when one is sulking,
cause then death prevails.

Rain on its own sanctifies.
Same clouds that cover you with fear,
bring down water of life.
Darkness loiters around for a while;
and blinds your focus so you see not when it turns.
When it turns, so far away that
your vision is blared
with any troubles ever existed.
It's for this truth that,
rejoice when clouds gather.
For sadness sent down are disguises
filled with blessings to come fourth!
As the sun shines after this huge storm.


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