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I wanted to commit suicide because I felt like I wasn’t good enough, and every morning I would ask myself, “Why doesn’t anybody love me?” Until I remembered I had to stay strong, that the...

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The Same Old Stuff

© more by Carconti Etva

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008 with permission of the Author.

I think I have had just about enough
of the sympathetic "stick it out and be tough."

I abhor the person who said the line,
"Don't worry honey, everything'll be fine."

Beware to the person who comes my way
saying, "Tomorrow will be a better day."

I wish I could meet the person who made
that all around classic "don't be afraid."

Can you understand what these lines do?
Nothing, that's my point of view.

People get sick of the same old stuff.
Not everyone is your definition of "tough."

These lines are a way to justify means
that we've done our part as human beings.

Some people think "oh they're fine"
after the end of your clever little line.

But do you understand the turmoil and strife
that may be poisoning this person's life?

They dig for understanding like a heartbroken miner,
and all you can give is a sorry one-liner.

We all must do our part
in helping people gain a new start.

These things go slowly, I know.
The least we can do is try though.

People get sick of the same old stuff.
As I've said, I've had enough.


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  • Ezralynn Sarai Myers by Ezralynn Sarai Myers
  • 3 years ago

I wanted to commit suicide because I felt like I wasn’t good enough, and every morning I would ask myself, “Why doesn’t anybody love me?” Until I remembered I had to stay strong, that the Lord will always be there for me through the good and the bad. I then knew no one in life is perfect, but I should love who I am. After reading your poem, it inspired me to love who I am and not care what people think of me – because it doesn’t matter.

  • Katrina Townsend by Katrina Townsend
  • 4 years ago

I lost my 28-year-old son 4 weeks ago. He hung himself out in the bush. I was working away when he called to tell me sorry that he had to do this and how much he loved me. He couldn't cope with a relationship break-up and didn't want to feel hurt anymore. I blame myself for not doing enough to help him.

  • Lisa Langton by Lisa Langton
  • 5 years ago

My son John hung himself in October 2018. He was my baby boy for 29 years. He always struggled with depression and suicide. We tried everything to reach him, he left a beautiful little girl behind by the name of Chan. Less than two years ago he lost his older brother to suicide. Josh also left behind a beautiful little girl. I would love for some answers why these two beautiful boys had to leave. Grief stricken mom misses her boys.

  • Emily Longworth by Emily Longworth
  • 3 years ago

I'm sending you so much love. This must be so hard for you to get your head around. I will pray for you. I just lost my dad to suicide, so I can feel your pain.

  • Catherine Ann LopiccoloSmith by Catherine Ann LopiccoloSmith
  • 5 years ago

I will say that I'm sure they are in a safe, loving place and they are with you. They are not in the physical form that we want them to still be in, but they are with you. Talk to them and ask them to give you some kind of message so you can know they are still with you. I lost my 29-year-old son a month ago. He jumped 19 floors where we live. I didn't think his dad or myself were going to make it, but I realized he's still right here. Spiritually, I'm very tuned in, and by the grace of God and the love from Jesus, my son shows me he's still here. I'm going to pray for you. I know it's hurting so bad. I know it's terrible, but I promise your boys are with you too, so talk to them.

  • Mary by Mary
  • 6 years ago

My son shot himself in his apartment six months ago. His wife and four-year-old son were home. We live in another state and thought we would not see him for the holidays, but we did. We traveled to where he lived and watched him die when they took him off life support. His wife is suffering, his child wants to know where Daddy is. I know how hard life will be for them. I raised young children without a father also, apparently not too well, though. When I look at his pictures and begin to smile because he was a beautiful, happy child, my guilt comes back to remind me of how badly things turned out, and I cry when no one is around.

  • Sylvia by Sylvia
  • 4 years ago

Please do not blame yourself for your son's suicide. It is a choice that a person makes, and even if a mother raises a child under "perfect" (whatever that is) circumstances, a son or daughter can still take their life. I hope that people start talking more to someone at least about their depression. Unfortunately in our society, men still have a problem with this. God rest your son's soul. Please don't continue to be so hard on yourself.

  • Topkiller by Topkiller
  • 7 years ago

I agree with you because people including me have lost people close to them. It's funny how people say things like, "It will be ok," when the truth is nothing is really ok. Saying "it will be ok" does not make it better, and saying "tomorrow will be a better day" will not erase what is going on today.

  • Patrick by Patrick, Florida
  • 12 years ago

I agree with Connie. I lost my daughter, beginning of this year, to suicide. Now the blame is setting in. Not listening enough, not acting sooner but I was 1200 miles away. I tried to call her right after she died, not knowing she was gone, no answer so I figure I would call back and left a message. Now I blame her mother for not doing enough to have prevented this horrible act. Now I am besides myself and not willing to feel happiness.
Sad Forever Father

  • Catherine Ann LopiccoloSmith by Catherine Ann LopiccoloSmith
  • 5 years ago

I'm a religious person. I believe that God already knows what will happen, and I believe that no matter what, when it's not your time nothing can take you. God has given us free will to make choices, but he also can change anything he wants to in a heartbeat. It was her time to go; that is why God allowed it. Your ex didn't know she was going to die and neither did you. But do not blame or be angry.

  • Connie by Connie, Kentucky
  • 14 years ago

I lost my 26 year old son in June 2009. This poem hits the mark. It is brutally honest and people could maybe learn from
it in time to save a loved one. I wish we could turn time back and change what happened. He was simply the best and I
feel that I failed him as his mother but he always knew I was there for him and loved him more than life itself. I wish
he had called me that night instead of the one he did call, maybe he would still be here, but now we'll never know. There ought to be a law to hold someone accountable if they knew this may happen and didn't call anyone.
Sad and Angry Mom

  • Sylvia by Sylvia
  • 4 years ago

Connie, I hope you are in a better place, love. You did not fail him as a mother. Please know that. Sometimes, no matter how much we love someone, they can still make this decision.

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