Lost Friend Poem

One of my closest friends committed suicide last year.

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A Friend Commits Suicide


Published: April 2008

You were like a brother to me,
My very best friend.
You said you would always be there.
You promised we would never end.

I remember when we were three.
You said you would always be there for me.
I guess what you say and do are two different things,
When it comes to me and you.

I know I can't blame it on you,
What else am I supposed to do?
Why did you do it?
Make yourself die?
We could have talked it over.
Made it all right.

Some people say it's going to be all right.
I pray for you every single night.
Hoping that you'll come back to me,
But it's impossible, don't you see.

I know you'll be with me until I die.
Then we'll be reunited up in the sky.
Even though now we aren't together,
In the heavens we will be reunited forever...


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