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In "The Sunshine Has A Pleasant Way" by Annette Wynne, the poet beautifully captures the uplifting and transformative power of sunlight. Through vivid imagery and a gentle rhythm, the poem portrays the sun as a source of warmth, illumination, and joy. Wynne personifies the sun, describing its ability to brighten not only the physical environment but also the faces and spirits of people. The poem expresses gratitude for the presence of sunshine, highlighting its role in inspiring productivity, happiness, and a sense of purpose. With its positive and optimistic tone, the poem encourages appreciation for the simple yet profound pleasures that sunlight brings, and the motivation it instills to embrace life with enthusiasm and dedication

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Famous Poem

The Sunshine Has A Pleasant Way


The sunshine has a pleasant way
Of shining on us all the day,
It makes the little window bright,
And fills the room with pretty light.

It goes into the garden bed,
And shines on every flower head;
It warms each leaf and bud and seed
Till all the world is glad, indeed.

It creeps into the children's faces
And climbs into the highest places,
It makes me want to work and sing
And do my best in everything.

I'm glad the sunshine comes each day
To help me work and laugh and play;
To keep the little window bright
And fill the room with pretty light.


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