Mother Child Poem

Poem About the Qualities of a Beautiful Mom

The poem is about the beauty seen in a wonderful mother. Her love is unconditional and true, and through it, her children will learn to be the same for their children.

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This Is Beauty


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

Beauty is...
A mother whose love is always there,
always unconditional, and takes extra special care.

Beauty is...
Simple when a mother shows her love;
by giving lots of kisses, smiles and hugs.

Beauty is...
The tears that fall from a mother's eyes,
when she sees her little children
growing strong and wise.

Beauty is...
a mother whose love is always there,
always unconditional, with extra love to spare.

Beauty is...
knowing that this mother is my mom and
with all this beauty in my life, how could I go wrong?

Beauty is...
seeing that this mother I will be,
all because of the beauty that my mother has shown me.


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