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In "To Mother" by Thomas W. Fessenden, the poet pays a heartfelt tribute to his mother's profound influence, using simple yet powerful language. The poem emphasizes that although she didn't create famous artworks or write renowned poems, her impact was divinely felt within their home. Through vivid metaphors, the poet conveys that his mother's actions and values shaped him more profoundly than any art or architecture could. This poem beautifully captures the idea that a mother's love and guidance can be a work of art in itself.

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Famous Poem

To Mother


You painted no Madonnas
On chapel walls in Rome,
But with a touch diviner
You lived one in your home.

You wrote no lofty poems
That critics counted art,
But with a nobler vision
You lived them in your heart.

You carved no shapeless marble
To some high-souled design,
But with a finer sculpture
You shaped this soul of mine.

You built no great cathedrals
That centuries applaud,
But with a grace exquisite
Your life cathedraled God.

Had I the gift of Raphael,
Or Michelangelo,
Oh, what a rare Madonna
My mother's life would show!


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