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Poem To My First Born Son

A mother writes a poem to her first born son. He has made her proud in all that he's done. She tells she loves him and wishes him well. And in all of life's challenges may he excel.

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This poem had made me realize how beautiful it is to be blessed with a handsome child like mine.

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Poem For Ryan-Love Ma


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006 with permission of the Author.

To my first born son, eldest of four
Whom I've always loved and adored
You're such a good son, and also big brother
You've always made me proud to be your mother

From the moment I knew you existed
The love that I felt for you could not be resisted
The elation that I felt as you grew in my womb
The joy I felt in my heart as I started to bloom

From the first time you kicked your Dad in the ear
Until the glorious day you actually appeared
Upside down and much quicker than planned
You changed my life that instant, you understand

Becoming a parent was scary from the start
You hope you do the right thing by following your heart
You give your love and guidance each and every day
Hoping to raise your children the best possible way

But you never receive any specific guarantee
That they'll turn out exactly as you want them to be
You pray that you've influenced them positively each day
In decisions they make, what they do, what they say

You hope and you pray that you've done everything right
But you never know the outcome, not just overnight
So you share in their lives, through the ups and the downs
And try to support them and always be around

So while raising you I tried to do the best that I could do
I don't know exactly what I did to deserve you
But I definitely must have done something right
Because having you for my son has been pure delight

I'm so very proud of the wonderful man you've become
(Hopefully, contributed in part by something I have done)
I hope that my love and guidance has played a small part
I know the most important part comes straight from your heart

You've grown to become a respectable and honorable man
Who is there for friends and family whenever he can
Your love and respect is something I'll always treasure
Having you for my son is one of my life's pleasures

I'll always be there for you in any way that I can
That won't ever change, even now that you're a man
You're my flesh and blood, an important part of my life
And will forever be, even when you have a wife

When that day comes, I wish you all the best
I look forward to watching you create YOUR family nest
Raising children of your own, you'll be a great Dad
To share in YOUR family will make me quite glad

So as you grow living your life your own way
I wish you much love, happiness, and good health each day
You deserve a full life and bright future up ahead
But keep in your heart all the things that I've said

I will always cherish the pictures and memories of you
Through infancy, adolescence, and manhood you grew
But what I'll cherish the most are the feelings deep in my heart
The bond that I share with you even when we're apart

So feel my love with you each and every day
Even those days that you are so far away
May it give you courage and strength, if that be required
Or may it comfort and hold you, if you so desire

May it help you overcome any obstacle in your way
Or simply just be there for you from day to day
I know you're as strong and as tough as they come
So you be extra careful and come home to your MOM


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  • John Sebolai by John Sebolai
  • 7 years ago

This poem had made me realize how beautiful it is to be blessed with a handsome child like mine.

  • C. Stelly by C. Stelly
  • 10 years ago

To my first born, I love you so much and the gift that you and Jaime have given us, Tom and Katie girl. If I have given y'all any heart grief I am so sorry, I love you much. Please read this poem and understand just how much you and your family means to me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you MOM

  • Dwayne by Dwayne
  • 13 years ago

This poem really hit me because I'm the eldest of 4 boys, and I try and do my best to be the man in the house because neither of us have our pops. Out of all our dads mine is the only one living and I jus imagined my mom saying all these heartfelt words to me boosting me up in life thank God for the author of this great poem and thank her for being a great mom. I know you are.

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