Break Up Poem

What Did I Do Wrong? Poem

This poem is about my ex-boyfriend who confused me to tears. I wrote this after we broke up, knowing that I should have mentioned many of these things straight to his face before we broke up.

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You Confused Me

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Published: January 2016

The time it is taking
To build this wall between us
Is just time being wasted.
How do you expect me to open up to you
When you won't open up to me?
You tell me you can't go on like this,
With me not confiding in you,
But do you confide in me?
No, but why would you?
I'm nothing, remember?
I don't mean a thing to you.
That's what you said to me.
You took back everything.
You took back all the words you ever said to me,
All those times you said you loved me,
When you said you would never leave me,
You would never try to change me.
So now when you read these words
And see how I feel,
I want you to think long and hard
About what you took from me,
All the horrible feelings you made me feel.
You meant everything to me,
You made me feel like I belonged,
So what did I do?
That is the question I have for you.
After everything that happened
And everything we went through,
What did I do wrong?
And just know...
I love you.


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