Heartbreak Poem by Teens

Poem About Not Being Loved In Return

I'm Lindsey and I'm 15. This happened to me, and it made me feel better to write about it.

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Published: June 2015

It's hard when love is torn away,
When you have been longing for it every day.

You finally think everything is right,
Until you end up crying every night,

Because the guy you've been waiting for
Has made you feel like such a bore.

He kissed you in such a way
That made you feel that everything was OK,

Until the day he took it back.
Your fantasy is gone, just like that.

He said it was a mistake, I'm sorry to say
I like someone else. I don't feel that way.

The words make you feel so down,
Like you want to lay in your tears and drown.

It's funny when the guy you were so close to
For one day loved you too.

But now he is a stranger these days,
And nothing will ever be the same.


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