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This poems in literally inspired by my mom. I love to write poems a lot. She inspired me a lot because our life is rough so she like those who are so meaningful and miracle to us. We know that she in fears everytime but she keep on her aim to be a better mom. I wrote this as her present during her birthday. Before I give it to her I want to know is it nice or not. By the way my aim is also I was hoping for those who read this will love her mom more after this.

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We Need You Mom


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2012 with permission of the author.

You go through all the pains,
To let me out,
To see the world,
The sky,
The moon,
From the womb of yours,
You're like a candle that burning through all the life of me,
You're a beacon of guidance,
You're a cup of glory,
Whenever I went astray,
When I'm in disappointment,
You gave me an unconditional love,
That I cannot get it from store,
You tell me,
That you're proud enough,
You tell me it's nothing, I have done the best,
I wish to see your smile everyday,
I wish I could be the ones that you aim me to be,
But sometimes,
The things aint go right,
I gave it a shot full of extreme effort,
But it still aint getting right,
I'm sorry,
Some other mean times,
I can't live up your expectation,
You treat me so nicely,
I can't imagine how my life without your touch,
I dare to say,
I will no longer live if you're not by my side,
Your face,
So peaceful,
Your words,
Are my strength,
Without it,
My bruised feet,
Can no longer walk,
I love the way you wiped my tears from my chubby cheeks,
When I can't control myself from crying,
I hate to see you in fear,
I feel it either,
But I can't do anything,
I just stared and make a dua'a for your fears to fade,
I always pray for you to be happy always,
I always pray for me to be a child who you can be proud of,
Believe me,
I'm trying,
You're a haven of comfort,
Whenever my ship wrecked,
In the middle of the sea,
You bought nothing,
But a bunch of words and comfort,
That keep me companion,
For all my life.
Whenever I feel incompetent,
You always offered your arms to tell me that I'm not alone,
And you always be there for me, If I need you,
You're the ones who can cure my broken heart,
If possible to say,
You're like my BFF's,
I always tell you what happen in store just now,
Because you're the only one who loves to hear it,
I bet all my friends is right,
That I'm lucky to get you as my mom,
Because your sporting and always support me from back,
Even you exhausted,
You trying to do all the house chores,
I know I was a fool,
Never trying to easy your burden,
Unless add it to be more,
I'm sorry,
I'm just too lazy,
I don't even know why,
You always try to look better in front of us your children,
But I know deep in your heart,
Is a deep sorrow mood,
I understand the situation really,
But I can't help nothing,
Because I don't even know how,
I feel,
So grieved to see that,
My heart was irritating,
When I saw you cry,
When I saw you feel miserable,
I just feel I want to stab that person who makes you that,
They didn't really understand you,
My heart is very eager to help you,
But I cant do anything accept for,
Hoping for that rainbows come by you,
We didn't know how because we was naive,
But we didn't really have passion to know,
Because it was cliché reasons,
We already got from you somewhere,
First of all we have passion to say,
Your us for real!
We love and need you mom!


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