Mourning Poem

Poem About Looking Forward To Being Reunited With Mom

My name is Dee, and I lost my mother when I was only 15. She was my everything...she was one strong woman. She had 11 children; I am the baby of them all. She made me what I am today...Thank you, Mom, for everything, big or small. Thank you for reading my poem...

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When Will We Be Together Again?


Published: April 2009

Someday soon, I'll once again feel the softness of your skin.
I'll see your beautiful brown eyes, again someday soon.
The sound of your voice will be like music to my ears,
as will the words I long to hear.
Someday soon, I'll smell your sweet perfume,
and You really will be there... It won't be just a dream...
I know you have gone to a place far away and unknown to me,
But you are still in my heart and mind everyday...
Someday soon, I'll feel your warm, loving arms around me again,
and the softness of your kind lips will once again fall upon my face,
to kiss away all the tears,
just like you used to do when I was your Little Girl,
so long ago..
I just know that someday soon, Mother,
You and I will be together again.
Someday until then, I send All My Love to YOU...
Love Always And Forever,
Your Little Girl, Dee..



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