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I was 12 when I swore I fell in love. I had thought that there was something wrong with me and the only person there for me was my boyfriend. It turns out, he is what was wrong with me. I felt like I was worthless. Every time I would make him mad and upset with me, I would cut. I thought if I hurt, he wouldn't. I was wrong.

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I fell the same way, the boy I loved left me for someone who was no better so I thought I was better off dead.

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Who I Once Was


Published: October 2012

I used to stand all alone with no where to go
The days seemed so long and so cold
My friends had all left me
There was nothing they could do
I had fallen under the curse
Of an abusive love

A long time passed,
I had no friends.
I hated myself and I thought it was the end.
I made my way to the drawer
where the knives were all kept,
As I slit through my skin,
I simply wept.
I couldn't pull myself to cut any deeper than I had
It already hurt really bad.

As time passed the rumors at school only grew
I was the girl with no future
I didn't know what to do.
Should I continue to live this way, hiding the pain
or should I end it now.
I was going insane

I was home alone with a rope,
Put it around my neck.
I couldn't breathe
I was an emotional wreck
I saved myself in time
I knew I had made the wrong choice.
I should never hurt myself over one silly boy.
It was time to have people hear my voice.

I reached out for help and remembered I was never alone
God had always been there with me,
I should have known
I've grown off my experiences
and learned from my mistakes.
Don't hurt yourself or others
Do whatever it takes.
I'm loving my life,
The pain is all gone
If you think you are hopeless.
Take it from me, you are wrong.



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  • Shawn'e by Shawn'e, Greensbo NC
  • 6 years ago

I fell the same way, the boy I loved left me for someone who was no better so I thought I was better off dead.

  • Nathalie Gerges by Nathalie Gerges, El Ghaoui Lebanon
  • 7 years ago

(I will not tell names just the story)

Life is too strange, even if we think of the worst think that could happen it already happened. Mine is too simple confronting to problems to life .

She was stubborn. So she wanted to take a bath but her mother restricted her because of hot water boiling even though she entered closed the window her head fell down and fell on the floor with all the boiling on her skin. If her mother wouldn't heard her screaming she would have been dead. The ambulance took her naked in front of all the eyes of the people there. While she was curing in hospital for 3 months, she met friends who were making stage for medicine. But the worst for me is that her only one and true love left her to marry another girl. That is the only trace with the burns left until now but burns don't hurt anymore true love do. Moral: don't be a stubborn. For me there is another one all these people who has been burned or are ugly or have eczema or injured, well they have a heart they are not robots to be mistreated but human beings who needs support and love more than any normal person does.

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