Depression Poem by Teens

Hiding Negative Emotions From Others

This poem was written based on when I was a teenager and would not tell people about my emotions because I thought that was what was expected. These were more than just feelings, for as they grew, they gave me additional problems later on with mental illness. Hopefully through this poem, people can relate to hiding their emotions from others. Everyone has done this during their life to an extent, resulting in negative consequences.

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Published by Family Friend Poems December 1, 2023 with permission of the Author.

I learned to hold my breath in me
'Til my blue face blended in with the sea

Classroom of students in rows, front to back
Thirty blank faces, one masks a panic attack

I learned to keep my breath bottled in
Like my S.O.S in the empty ocean

When my dad said I had to not mope
I told no other souls, privately I'd cope

I learned to keep my breath still
As the waters stagnating my boat will

Twelve hours in bed on a Saturday
Keep the depression in the mattress I lay

I learned to make my breath freeze
Like the iceberg's nine tenths no eye sees

A confused marker read my failing grade
She had not read my symptoms, I'm afraid


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