Friendship Poem by Teens

Poem About Wronging A Friend

This is about a friend who I want to forgive me for doing something.

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You Sparkle Like A Diamond


Published: August 2015

I don't know why I did it,
But I know it was wrong.
All I know now
Is that you're gone.

So many faces
In the crowd.
They stay blank
While I scream aloud.

I'm hanging by a thread,
Ripping at the seams.
Though you're gone in reality,
You still plague my dreams.

So many fears,
The worst have come true,
I don't wanna believe this,
'Cause it's the fear of losing you.

I never wanted to hurt you,
Never wanted to make you cry.
You're the only thing
That's keeping my alive.

You sparkle like a diamond,
You shine so bright.
If I was in the dark,
You'd always be my light.
Your heart was like a fire
I could warm myself by.
It's like I can't get you back
No matter how hard I try,

I miss you.
I miss you.
This can't be goodbye.



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