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  1. One Year Less

    Poem On Grieving Over Loss Of Child

    There is no word, no label, no identifying moniker,
    I am not a widow, not an orphan, not childless,
    But one child less.
    One less open laugh and little boy giggle,

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    Robert, I hope you and your family found some peace together through this difficult month. I know what it is to do CPR and not have it be enough. I've also had those horrible nightmares and...

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  3. Michael

    • By Bobbie J. Ripple
    • Published: February 2006
    Short Prayer Poem Of Comfort For A Child's Death

    Bless us Lord
    As we pray.
    You took our
    Little boy home today.

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    My son passed away 2 days ago. He was 30 years old. At 17, he dove off a boat dock and suffered a spinal cord injury. He was a high functioning quadriplegic. He never could find peace after...

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  4. Waiting For Heaven

    Loss Of My Beloved Son

    Your very first breath of life, I was there.
    Tiny miracle of God, you appeared,
    overflowing with joy, my eyes cried a tear,
    outstretching my arms to hold you so near.

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  6. A Letter To Brian

    • By Carol Cooper
    • Published: September 2016
    Never Forget Your Child

    Dear Brian,

    Can you see me when I cry?
    Do you know when I will die?

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  7. In Time

    • By Pam J. Pastirik
    • Published: May 2016
    Poem About Wanting Time To Heal Wounds

    Time cannot erase the sorrow and pain that I feel,
    Nor can it make things better
    Or force my heart to heal.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I also lost my son after a van pulled out in front of him while he was on his motorcycle. He sideswiped her and then flew into oncoming traffic where he...

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  8. Here I Stand

    • By Shannon Foreman
    • Published: October 2013
    Poem From A Grieving Mother

    Here I stand the fourth year at your grave,
    Still trying to accept the decision God made.
    I drive myself crazy for a hint or a clue
    Of why at nineteen He had to take you.

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    Lost my son December 28, 2019, age 42. He had just gotten a Coleman mini bike to take to his dad's ranch for a fun thing to ride there. He was just testing it out up and down our long county...

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  10. Leaving Tears

    • By Lawrence J. Bach
    • Published: July 2013
    Poem From A Grieving Father

    The mourning, misty oak leaves weep.
    Warm dew drops falling from them sweep
    Across cold stones in salty streams,
    Spent tears for Steven's broken dreams.

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    We lost our son Steven in July 2011 to cancer. He was happy with no signs of an illness until an accident led us to the ER - from there we found the tumor. Then the diagnosis, Neuroblastoma,...

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  11. Life Goes On

    Poem About Life Continuing After Death Of Son

    It's true what they say, when a child is born,
    a mother's heart is no longer her own,
    It runs and skips and giggles and grins,
    And crawls in her lap, for a kiss on the chin,

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    My heart reaches out to you. I lost my youngest son, Shawn in December of 2013. He would have turned 30 this coming August 9th. Tears fall as I write this, it never gets easier. I talk to...

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  12. All I Know Is

    • By Tina Pielstick
    • Published: December 2010
    Bereaved Mother And Grandparent Poem

    All I know is.... I will always miss my Nick and long for him.
    All I know is.... one minute I'm together and the next I'm falling apart.
    All I know is.... my heart hurts all the time and it has never felt whole since the day he died.
    All I know is.... the tears won't stop filling up my eyes, soaking my pillows or staining my face. ...

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    My heart goes out to you!! I lost my 16-year-old son, Anthony, to mental illness February 11, 2019! I also found him and had to cut him down! He did this on February 8th and passed on the...

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  13. Just Baby Sitting

    • By Savannah Denvir
    • Published: January 2008
    Poem Asking God To Care For Son In Heaven

    Dear God,
    This is just a little letter for you, because we have an agreement.
    You are to babysit my little boy for us until we come to see him,
    I only ask these few things from you,...

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    I lost my son on the very same day :( my heart goes out to you, my boy was born at 24 weeks and lived 3 months. His name is Nikolai Stephen Valentine.

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