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  1. 21. How Do You Call Yourself A Mom?

    • By Taryn
    • Published: April 2009

    Looking in your eyes
    Tells me something's wrong.
    Never began to realize
    You've neglected for so long.

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    I can feel this poem. My father died early. I live with my 2 siblings and mother. My grandparents pay for everything for us. My mother is a good person only towards my siblings. She takes me...

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  3. 22. A Lost Promise

    • By Jacqueline Uvalle
    • Published: July 2006

    I am not the way I used to be.
    I am stronger and wiser, as you can see.
    Remember my words, my father said,
    As he cradled me up and laid me to bed.

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    Hey, the same thing happened to me. I thought I was the only one. The man I grew up with wasn't my real dad, but I always thought he was. My mom wasn't even the one to tell me that he wasn't;...

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  5. 23. Dear Mom

    • By Krystal A. Bayer
    • Published: June 2006

    Dear Mom,
    You said you'd always be there
    But you're nowhere to be found
    I can't believe you left me

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    My story began when I was a baby. I got taken into a family, but my sister and brother (only 1 and 2 years older) stayed with my mom. She had another baby girl 2 years younger than me who...

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  6. 24. Last Chance

    • By Meshia M. Davidson
    • Published: April 2006

    You walked out on us
    And never said goodbye
    In fifteen years you haven't called
    Not even to say hi

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    This is a poem that made me revisit the pain and suffering I saw my friend go through when her mother and father decided to separate. I could see him slipping into silence and depression....

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  7. 25. New Life

    • By Racheal E. Bartels
    • Published: July 2006

    Why can't you love me and accept me for who I am?
    I always try my hardest; I do the best I can.
    Can't you see how sad I've been?
    The way you treated me must have been a sin.

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  8. 26. Dear Mom

    • By Jonah
    • Published: February 2017

    Dear Mom,
    Have you forgotten?

    Sitting, waiting, hoping

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  9. 27. Blind

    • By Jack Mcifco
    • Published: July 2008

    You are blind.
    You can never see
    All the anger built up in me.
    I hated life,

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    I can totally relate. My whole life I thought my parents were in love and that we were a happy family, minus some flaws. But last year, I found out the truth. My parents have been married for...

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  10. 28. Tearless Cries

    • By Ana-Alicia S. Farrar
    • Published: July 2006

    Why are you doing this, ruining your life?
    The only thing you've accomplished is causing stress and strife
    We're all trying to help you with this hard and trying time
    But you think we're crazy, it's all in your mind

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    Wow! Talk about hitting the nail on the head! I am a mom who has relapsed a couple times over the last 6 months. It was pretty bad. I have kids, ages 16, 20, and 22. They have literally been...

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  11. 29. Complicated Families

    • By JQ Downing
    • Published: July 2006

    So many tears shed in the dark of night,
    hidden away in our private thoughts
    only to be shelved with morning's first light.
    Because of no courage to speak of the pain,

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    I was touched by this amazing poem and I can relate to every single word. Just like me, I've been through all of these sad things.

  12. 30. You're Not My Father

    • By Kristin K. Hudson
    • Published: November 2006

    To have your last name
    makes me ill.
    You make me so angry
    I want to kill!

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    I'm so glad I was able to find my poem again after so long. Thank you for everyone's kind words. In 2012, my maternal older brother paid for my father’s bus ticket to spend a week where I...

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  13. 31. Mother

    • By Anna L. Harman
    • Published: June 2018

    Like the sea and the sky,
    We reflect each other, you and I.

    Past the moon and the stars,

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    This relates to me so much.

  14. 32. Mommy Dearest

    • By Amy R. Addington
    • Published: July 2006

    She is my mother,
    that indomitable, unattainable goal.
    A woman of iron and silk and unforgiving praise.
    She is the measure of all that

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    Very familiar attitude from that daughter. I would be willing to bet everything I own that the mother sees herself in a totally different light.

  15. 33. Learning My Lesson

    • By Kayla Schermer
    • Published: July 2010

    I gave you a chance, let you in and tried to be your friend.
    I should have known, you wouldn't be there in the end.

    I wanted you to love me, I waited for so very long.

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  16. 34. A Smile To Remember

    we had goldfish and they circled around and around
    in the bowl on the table near the heavy drapes
    covering the picture window and
    my mother, always smiling, wanting us all

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  17. 35. My Water My Blood

    • By Mandy V. Villareal
    • Published: November 2006

    Is your family still together, just like way back when?
    Do you stick by each other through thick and thin?

    Or do you hardly know the one that you call brother?

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    Such a beautiful poem. I know that I have parents that argue and fight all the time, but they are still together. I understand that it must be very hard for you to live with your parents like...

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  18. 36. Innocence Lost

    • By Jennifer Harrison
    • Published: April 2015

    I don't like it when people fight.
    My mom and dad do every night.
    I lie in bed and pretend to be asleep.
    My mom looks in; I don't make a peep.

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    I can't sleep. I can't eat, I can't even place a smile on my face. A mom and dad nowhere to be found. Why come? You don’t want me. I’m always pushing away the good and bringing closer the...

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  19. 37. The Broken Girl

    Welcome to my broken home,
    There's nobody here, I'm all alone.

    The walls they scream of things once said,

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    Can't seem to put into words how you blessed my mind with your poems. They have helped me come out of my shell. Thankful you are comfortable putting this out there for the world to see....

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  20. 38. Never There

    • By Hannah
    • Published: October 2013

    You say you love me, you say you care
    And yet, you're never there.

    I remember you yelling, screaming, abusing

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  21. 39. The Fate Of A Single Mother

    A silly girl
    Loved a stupid boy
    He was her everything
    She was just his toy

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    I also was a silly girl in love with a stupid boy that lead me to become a single teenage mother. I prayed everyday for 9 months for god to bless me with a baby boy. My mother walked out of...

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  22. 40. Scars Of A Broken Family

    • By Lindsey Cardinal
    • Published: August 2008

    I've got scars
    that you can't see
    scars that have been haunting me.
    They are buried deep inside of my heart,

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    Your poem brought tears to my eyes, I know exactly how you feel. My father left when I was 17, I'm now 36 and haven't spoken to him since he left. I know all about the scars and they never...

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