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  1. 21. Thanks, Mom

    • By Tessa
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    This is a poem I wrote for myself reflecting on the years my mother abandoned me. I currently don't talk to my mother and I keep it that way for my sanity.

    Dear Mom,
    Thanks for the years
    the years of my tears
    you treat me bad
    and you make me sad
    I just want to die
    in heaven I'd lie
    I'd sail and I'd dream
    I wouldn't have time to scream
    I wouldn't take the tears
    I wouldn't have these fears
    I would be able to love
    I could rise high above
    and even though I seem to hate
    I don't hate as I probably should
    that I expect, you probably would
    you hate everything and even yourself
    so I'll hang the presence of you
    upon my highest shelf
    even though you cause a hole in my heart
    in years of time, you can always re-start.

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  2. 22. New Life

    • By Racheal E. Bartels
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    This poem consists of a girl expressing anger at her mother for not appreciating her. She finally finds relief when she moves in with her dad.

    Why can't you love me and accept me for who I am?
    I always try my hardest; I do the best I can.
    Can't you see how sad I've been?
    The way you treated me must have been a sin.
    For a long time, I've tried to make you proud.
    But instead of encouraging words, I get put down.
    Stop trying to live my life for me.
    I'm not a kid anymore, damn it, just let me be.
    You don't like my friends, boyfriend, or anything I do.
    Tell me, what the hell did I ever do to you?
    You married a jerk, who disrespects me.
    You always take his side, and turn against me.
    I've moved in with my dad and Joan.
    They welcomed me with open arms; this is my new home.
    They treat me with respect, and they love me for me.
    No matter what, I'm here for them, and they're here for me.
    I've never felt this happy before; happiness for me was rare.
    Now that I'm happy in this new life of mine, do you even care?

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  3. 23. Father Everlasting Love

    • By DMC
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2007

    The deep expression of a daughter fill with sadness, but is replaced by anger for her father.

    Anger For Father

    Falling in my pit of darkness
    I sit upon the black rose of sadness
    Dreaming of day fill with happiness
    Only to end with loneliness

    Open eyes wonder why
    Looking at life pass by
    My hollow eyes begin to fill with crimson tear
    As you still don't see the fear

    My life starts to darken
    As my heart become broken
    I am trap in shame
    For you I blame

    Father everlasting love

    The love I hold for you is dying
    Why do you keep on trying
    Listen to my story
    For I do not feel sorry

    What's wrong with you now
    Your smile is upside down
    Is it cause I'm taking a stand
    Or that you now want to give a hand

    My love is never lasting

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  4. 24. Learning My Lesson

    • By Kayla Schermer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2010

    My father never was there for me after my parents divorced when I was only 2 years old. This was my chance to tell him how I felt after all these years.

    I gave you a chance, let you in and tried to be your friend,
    I should have known, you wouldn't be there in the end.

    I wanted you to love me, I waited for so very long,
    I didn't want to feel the hurt, but you still did me wrong.

    I always had hope, I never wanted it this way,
    No matter how hard I tried, You always pushed me away.

    I should have known, You never really cared,
    You let us leave, You were never even scared.

    We never turned back, your own brother helped us board.
    Never caring what was ahead, through it all we sure soared.

    There were times, whether good or bad,
    When I was a little girl, I should of had my dad.

    You weren't there when I was young, You never got to see,
    You don't have a clue, You don't even know me.

    Every single birthday, They all went by,
    You never saw those candles go out, never my dad by my side.

    But you should know, I had someone there,
    He's special to me, and his name is Ger.

    But not even him can take away, all these years of pain,
    Through all of this hurt, there is still a lot to gain.

    Without even knowing, you taught me good lessons for life,
    I will do what I can, because my husband deserves a good wife.

    I will stick by his side, never let things go bad.
    Because I have chosen a man, who will always be a good dad.

    You have made me wise, much more than my years,
    All this hurt and pain, I have learned a lot through the tears.

    I have been so mature, much more than even you,
    What can I say, I guess you didn't know what to do.

    You think I don't know, maybe it's I didn't want to,
    But me being younger, I will always be more mature than you.

    I stand up for myself, believe in what I say,
    And always know, I treat people the right way.

    There is no more to say, nothing more I can do.
    Any chance of a relationship for us, is now and forever through.

    You threw that away, many years ago with the lies,
    Funny thing though the truth, you must know, it never dies.

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