Wedding Poems

Wedding Poems

Poems for Weddings

A wedding is a most auspicious occasion. That two people have found each other and are willing to commit to spend their lives together is nothing short of a miracle. This event is a time of unparalleled joy. There are many different styles of weddings based on the traditions of the families involved. Of all occasions, weddings and funerals are probably the occasions where traditions are most observed. These are time when we mark our relationship to life. At a wedding we celebrate the beginning of the forming of a new family.

30 Poems for the Bride, Groom and Wedding Party

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  1. 1. Recipe For Happily Ever After

    Today will be perfect
    In every single way.
    A beautiful fairy tale
    For your wedding day.

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    Beautiful and apt words. This is wonderful. It is more than a poem. It is contributing to happy people. We need a happier world. Harmony and betterment of mankind.

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  3. 2. I Promise

    I promise to be true to you tomorrow and today.
    I promise I will love you. My love will never fade.
    I promise to be there for you in good times and in bad.
    I promise I will wear your ring and always hold your hand.

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  5. 3. Wedding Verse

    The time has come to stand side by side
    The Groom in his glory, his beautiful Bride.
    They've waited so long for this moment in time
    To take their vows and say, "Will you be mine?"

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    This is the thirty first year of our marriage. I am sure we will remain together until death parts us. My daughter got married last year. She, too, enjoys a strong bond with her husband,...

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  6. 4. Welcome To Our Family

    • By Cappy Giachelli
    • Published: January 2009

    I wanted to tell you on this day
    how much you mean to me
    and welcome you with open arms
    into our family.

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    To the one I love...I wanted to tell you how much you changed my life. When I first saw you I thought that you are the chosen one to be my husband.

  7. 5. Today's My Daughter's Wedding Day

    • By Andrew
    • Published: July 2011

    Today's my daughter's wedding day.
    And a wonderful thing it is
    To see her so excited,
    So happy to be his.

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    Amanda, your peom inspired me so much. On Saturday the 27th of August my beautiful daughter Genna married Shane. Like most mothers I wanted to do a reading and after seeing your poem I knew...

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  8. 6. On Our Wedding Day

    Be with me whenever you can.
    Love me for what I am.

    Convince me when I am in doubt.

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  9. 7. I Promise

    I’ll love you
    like you’ve never been
    loved before
    With all my core

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  10. 8. Till My Last Breath

    I cannot promise                       
    you that there will be no sad moments in your life,

    But I promise                    

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    This poem is so lovely, simple, truthful, and sweet. What a perfect poem to read as part of your marriage vows. If I ever do get married (at 68, probably never), but if I did, I would ask...

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  11. 9. My Little Girl, Don't Cry For Me

    My little girl, don't cry for me.
    I'll be right by your side.
    I'd never miss out on this day
    that you become a bride.

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    Love your poems. Having a hard time finding something from stepdad to stepdaughter from heaven for her wedding day.

  12. 10. Love As One

    Sleepin' in your arms
    Feelin' safe from harm
    Impatiently I wait for the day
    That I don't have to see you go away

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    I am about to go back home, and I am leaving my soul mate. I can't cope there. He means the world to me. It will now be a long distance relationship, but my heart is not far away from him. I...

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  13. 11. The Music Of Love

    • By Inviron
    • Published: August 2015

    Our song of love is pure and fair
    All hurt the music can repair
    As heaven comes to us on earth
    And makes us one in our rebirth

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  14. 12. Past, Present, Future

    • By Amanda Faulkner
    • Published: August 2008

    Giving you all of myself,
    To you and not anyone else.
    Every day, not just now and then,
    To be able to call you more than a friend.

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  15. 13. Our Dreams

    Let's ride into the sunset on a rainbow.
    We won't come back until tomorrow
    In the grandeur of the misty sunrise,
    With stars that fill the skies in our eyes.

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  16. 14. Let There Be Love

    The two of you have gathered
    At this beautiful church today.
    You've invited all of your family and friends
    To celebrate your wedding day.

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  17. 15. Her Wedding Day

    Gloriously she walks down the aisle,
    And already she can see his gorgeous smile.
    That smile that is so soft and sweet,
    That smile that makes her knees go weak.

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  18. 16. My Ashley

    • By Shannon Smith Harwell
    • Published: October 2008

    My darling daughter,
    I just want you to know
    wherever your life takes you,
    my heart shall also go.

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    My beautiful daughter is getting married today, and I must share her now with the man she has chosen. This poem just says it all for me it is lovely, and so heartfelt I am going to share it...

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  19. 17. She's Not A Baby Anymore!

    • By Will Means
    • Published: October 2018

    She's not a baby anymore.
    It's a happy kind of sad
    When baby girl turns to daughter
    And Da-Da turns to Dad.

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  20. 18. My Wedding Day

    • By Lacey D. Karlek
    • Published: July 2006

    I think about the time,
    Not so long ago,
    That when I needed a helping hand,
    You where the first to know

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    I enjoyed this poem very much because fathers are often neglected at weddings. And fathers are very important!

  21. 19. Heaven Holds You

    • By Tammy L. Magner
    • Published: February 2006

    On this day of marriage
    You are watching from above
    Along with all of us you are
    Witnessing our love

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  22. 20. From This Day Forward

    From this day forward and forevermore,
    we're a heavenly union of two souls.
    From this day forward, when two become one,
    two hearts, one flesh, in the eyes of our God.

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