Growing Up Poems by Teens

Relatable Teen Poems About Growing Up

Every family has hopes and aspirations for their children. Some may long to send their children to college if the parents have not had that opportunity. Others may aspire for a better life in another country. Sometimes there are conflicts between the dreams of the parents and the dreams of their children. Parents may have labored so that their children could have what they consider a better life only to have their children choose other options. This can be heartbreaking for the parents who may think that they have labored in vain, and stressful for the children who have their own dream to live out.

Poems about Maturing and Coming of Age

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  1. Little Things

    Being An Example To Young Children

    Little eyes, they are always watching
    As I go through fields of sunflowers and clouds of crows
    They see everything I do
    Little eyes

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  3. Nostalgia

    Learning To Let Go

    Together we wrote our stories.
    Together we sang our songs.
    But now it's all gone.

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    For some, childhood may be joyful, filled with pleasant memories. For others, it may be unpleasant. Even among those unpleasant memories, one might find at least a few pleasant memories which...

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  4. The Truth

    Teenage Letter To Parents

    Most adults sit and wonder
    Why we sit and pout,
    But so far not a single one
    Has it figured out.

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  6. Growing Up

    • By Lisa Fy
    • Published: April 2017
    Feeling Like A Disappointment

    I've grown up, I'm not your perfect little girl anymore.
    Bottled up inside are the things I never said,
    The lines you never read,
    The voices in my head I can't keep quiet.

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  7. Little Girls Have To Grow Up

    Impact Of High School On Teenage Girl

    There once was a little girl.
    She was sweet, and in dresses she liked to twirl.
    Everywhere she went,
    She left her footprint.

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    This poem was able to help me do songwriting for the first time. The words are relatable and really flow nicely. "Little Girls Have to Grow Up" is the best poem I have ever heard. I'm not a...

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  8. My Future

    • By Emily
    • Published: July 2015
    Poem About Fears Of Life After Graduation

    They want me to be prepared
    For the future that is near,
    But the truth is I am scared
    Because mine is unclear.

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  10. Growing Up Too Fast

    • By Leesha
    • Published: June 2015
    Poem About No Longer Being A Little Girl

    It seems for the future I am prepared,
    but the thought of commitment is getting me scared.
    These feelings I feel, they're different, they're new...
    being loved and adored is the reason my confidence grew.

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  11. Kid

    Poem About Not Wanting To Grow Up

    12 years ago I know nothing but fun
    No place to go but fields under the sun
    12 years ago I laughed at my mistakes
    Now a single smile, I can't even make!...

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  12. Letter To My Parents

    • By Elizabeth Virgen
    • Published: March 2013

    I just wanna know
    If you're proud of me
    I want you to see
    What's inside me...

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    I'm just a simple girl with great dreams. I often cry because everybody doesn't understand me. My friends, classmate, schoolmates, best friends and not even my family. I always show my sweet...

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  13. See Me Grow Up

    Coming Of Age Poem

    See me cry
    See the truth behind the lies
    See me smile, see me laugh
    See the flashbacks of my past

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    It touched me by the way the author wrote it. He states in the last line "see me be shocked" and what touched me was in the poem that the girl was angry at the parent because the parent left....

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