Growing Up Poems by Teens

Growing Up Poems by Teens

Relatable Teen Poems About Growing Up

Every family has hopes and aspirations for their children. Some may long to send their children to college if the parents have not had that opportunity. Others may aspire for a better life in another country. Sometimes there are conflicts between the dreams of the parents and the dreams of their children. Parents may have labored so that their children could have what they consider a better life only to have their children choose other options. This can be heartbreaking for the parents who may think that they have labored in vain, and stressful for the children who have their own dream to live out.

21 Poems about Maturing and Coming of Age

  1. 1. Growing Up

    • By Lisa Fy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2017

    My dad was always pushing me to do my best. He always put a lot of pressure on me. When I started failing school he became very violent when we spoke. My mom was already having trouble with my dad. I had no one to turn to, so I began writing to feel better.

    Feeling Like A Disappointment

    I've grown up, I'm not your perfect little girl anymore.
    Bottled up inside are the things I never said,
    The lines you never read,
    The voices in my head I can't keep quiet.

    I know I'm a failure to you.
    I'm sorry I've disappointed you.
    I've worked so hard to make you proud,
    But it never seems to be enough.

    Each word you say when you're mad hits me like a bullet,
    Leaving a stinging red mark.
    No matter how hard I try, I always seem to fail.
    It hurts because you know how much I look up to you.

    You let me down when I needed you the most.
    I'm now done trying to impress you,
    Done starving myself to be more like you.
    It's time for you to let go.

    Remember, I've grown up.
    I'm not the perfect little girl I used to be.

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  3. 2. Kid

    • By Karren
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2014

    I wrote this a while ago while. I suddenly wished I was back home with my mom and dad. And I wish I can be 3 years old forever.

    Poem About Not Wanting To Grow Up

    12 years ago I know nothing but fun
    No place to go but fields under the sun
    12 years ago I laughed at my mistakes
    Now a single smile, I can't even make!

    10 years ago I know a bit 'bout pain
    But there's always someone who can stop the rain
    10 years ago I can still dry my tears
    Now there's nothing I can do to ease my fears!

    3 years ago I thought love was a fairytale
    I didn't know I was wrong until the day I failed
    3 years ago it was easy to mend my heart
    But now this pain is tearing me apart!

    Wish I could go back to those years in my life
    Wish I could give up this crazy fight
    I know I can no longer take back the words I said
    That now I'm a grown up and the kid in me is dead!

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  5. 3. Who I Am

    I wrote this in the summer of 2009 because I felt like no one really knew who I was... They only knew who I was pretending to be.

    I am the girl
    Standing in the rain
    Wishing they understood

    I am the teen
    Who thinks she knows it all
    And wishing that she could

    I am the cutter
    With the blade at my skin
    Wishing the pain could subside

    I am the friend
    With all the advice
    Wishing to live life

    I am the heart breaker
    With the guilt on my shoulders
    Wishing he was here to hold me

    I am
    The girl
    The teen
    The cutter
    The friend
    The heart breaker
    Wishing, wanting
    To be set free

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    For those of you who think you can't be yourself.... YOU CAN!!!!

    Ignore popularity! If your friends really like you then they will accept the real you....
    I just moved and I used...

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  6. 4. Do You Ever Stop And Think?

    • By Jordan Brown
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2009

    Do you ever stop and think about growing up?

    Poem About Growing Up

    Do you ever stop and think?
    Just reflect on everything that's happened to you
    in the last few days,

    Do you wonder where all that time went?
    All those special moments
    or just the ordinary daily activities that are now only memories.
    Memories that are unique,
    and the only way you can hold onto them
    is by replaying them in your mind over and over again,
    until the details all merge together and you're left with a fuzzy recollection
    that doesn't seem to fit anymore.

    Do you remember the exact time when you started to grow up?
    When the conversations you had
    were not about dolls or imaginary friends
    but about sex, boys and "How far have you gone?"
    When you started giggling not because you're covered in mud,
    but because you remembered the time that a boy kissed you?

    Have you ever turned around and suddenly everyone was 3 feet taller,
    with bigger parts and more curves
    and you had no idea where it all came from?

    Have you ever felt that the closest people to you are also the furthest away?
    Felt that everything was happening too fast?
    And even though you didn't want to grow up,
    you didn't want to be left behind either?

    And when his hand is no longer a boy's but a man's,
    when his touch does not convey safety but lust
    and when your body betrays you and wants it too.
    Is this when we have grown up?
    Or is it when we are forced to grow up?

    And who tells us when we have grown up?
    How do we know when we have reached our destination?
    Do we ever stop growing up, or do we continue to just grow in spirit?

    And if I can see everyone else making choices,
    trying new things, growing up,
    is it selfish for me to want it to stay the same forever?

    And if I make my own choices, try different things, slowly growing up,
    will others notice that I'm changing too?
    Do they wish that nothing would change just like I do?

    And if I'm just scared of losing the people that are close to me,
    scared of being left behind or leaving others behind,
    is it okay for me to stand off in the distance,
    just watching these people live their lives,
    remembering how they are and how they make me feel?

    But if I hold onto them too tightly, how am I to move on?
    How am I to grow up and LIVE MY LIFE?
    How am I to make decisions and take on responsibility if I'm living in the past?

    I guess time continues,
    whether you want it to or not,
    leaving you behind or taking you for the journey of your life.

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    I love this poem. It's totally relatable. It really outlines the questions that have been stirring my mind lately. It turns out that you get to decide what growing up means to you. You don't...

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  7. 5. My Future

    • By Emily
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015

    This is a poem I wrote to describe how I feel. I'm a senior in high school and I'm terrified of the future. Hopefully someone can relate to this.

    Poem About Fears Of Life After Graduation

    They want me to be prepared
    For the future that is near,
    But the truth is I am scared
    Because mine is unclear.

    Now, I lay here in my bed,
    My worries slowly eating me.
    So many questions in my head
    About how my future will be.

    Will my dreams come true?
    Will I find a house to call my own?
    Will I find someone to turn to,
    Or will I be forever alone?

    These questions I ponder,
    And so many more.
    Yet, still, my heart grows fonder
    To the mystery my future has in store.

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  8. 6. Growing Up Too Fast

    • By Leesha
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2015

    I'm nearly 16 years old, and I'm losing the love and trust with my family. Going through a lot of things...having an 18 year old boyfriend, who I've been with for 8 months. I smoke and drink. But overall I'm really smart and am aiming to finish year 12. I just wish my life slowed down a bit. I grew up too fast and my parents want their little girl back.

    Poem About No Longer Being A Little Girl

    It seems for the future I am prepared,
    but the thought of commitment is getting me scared.
    These feelings I feel, they're different, they're new...
    being loved and adored is the reason my confidence grew.
    I feel like his love is helping me cope,
    I'm worried if he leaves me I can't stand on my own.
    I'm forgetting my family, the child I used to be...
    hurting them by fighting for the one I want to see.
    Taking bigger steps every chance I get
    is making me worry that I'll look back with regret.
    Young by age, matured in the mind...
    the little girl they want back is hard to find.

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  9. 7. Daddy

    I am a new at poetry. It's probably not even good, but if you could tell me what you think that would be cool. Hope you like it.

    I Am Growing Up

    I am growing up, Daddy
    Don't you see?
    You gotta let me go
    Let me spread my wings
    I am growing up, Daddy
    Don't you see?
    Gonna explore the world, Daddy
    Gonna be seen
    Let me go, Daddy
    I will come back to see
    See you and Mommy on those summer eves
    You gotta let me go, Daddy
    Please set me free?

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    This is so cute and I wish I could tell me dad this.............. keep writing poetry sweetie <3 you are on your way.....

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  10. 8. Little Girls Have To Grow Up

    The story behind this poem is that high school can do terrible things to a teenage girl. When the girl was younger, she was happy and free thinking, and as she got older, she started experiencing the hateful truth about friends and boys. My inspiration for this poem comes from my own experiences of being a teenager, and I think that girls could relate to the way the poem is written.

    Impact Of High School On Teenage Girl

    There once was a little girl.
    She was sweet, and in dresses she liked to twirl.
    Everywhere she went,
    She left her footprint.
    Her smile was almost contagious,
    And the amount of love she received was outrageous.

    But the little girl then grew up.
    And her tea wasn't as easily in her cup.
    She didn't have the greatest luck,
    And truly it's because people suck.
    As a teenager, she lost friends.
    Mostly because high school comes with ends.

    But people called her names,
    And boys played with her heart like a string of games.
    But don't let this information fool you.
    She could still be herself if she wanted to.
    Some days she could try on her dresses like when she was a little girl,
    And she could stand in front of her mirror to watch herself twirl.

    Even though she had gotten older,
    And thought that years going by had destroyed her,
    She was wrong; she could still be sweet.
    She still left a footprint with each of her feet.
    She could still make herself crack that contagious smile.
    And her being on this Earth was worthwhile.

    But because of the names
    And the games,
    She didn't see that.
    She just thought she was being walked on more than a dirty door mat.
    She was lost, and people didn't seem to see
    That words hurt, and that little girl was me.

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    This poem was able to help me do songwriting for the first time. The words are relatable and really flow nicely. "Little Girls Have to Grow Up" is the best poem I have ever heard. I'm not a...

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  11. 9. The Truth

    I wrote this the other day when I got angry at some adults. They think they know what we live through each day and that our lives are like one big fairy tale. So for other kids out there that feel this're not alone, and yes, the adults are wrong. And for the adults reading this, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Teenage Letter To Parents

    Most adults sit and wonder
    Why we sit and pout,
    But so far not a single one
    Has it figured out.

    They say that our lives are easy,
    No reason for us to stress,
    But with all these problems,
    Our lives are one big mess.

    For one, the expectations,
    All the pressure put on us,
    The expect us to be perfect
    And never make a fuss.

    They want straight A's and artists
    Musicians and athletes.
    Nothing less will pass for them.
    All we do is compete.

    But what about last night?
    When my best friend left?
    Why can't I just take a break?
    Even for a sec.

    But no, we must keep going
    To form your perfect child.
    We, teens, are getting sick of it.
    Let's break loose, get wild.

    We are hurt and angry,
    Screaming from inside.
    Scared to come out
    With tears to hide.

    Now don't you get it?!
    What you've done to us?
    Life is so much harder
    When there's no one to trust.

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  12. 10. Nostalgia

    I am a person who gets very attached to things. Be it books, belongings, places, people, words, or a song. It does not matter if it was a period of joy or sadness; if it was a moment that held meaning in my life at that time, I have trouble letting go.

    Learning To Let Go

    Together we wrote our stories.
    Together we sang our songs.
    But now it's all gone.

    Stashed away like photographs
    inside my mind
    in a place I have labeled "memories."
    And sometimes,
    when I flip through those pages,
    thinking tenderly of the past,
    remembering who we used to be-
    sitting in class
    having long conversations,
    exchanging lyrics and words,
    or just laughing 'til we couldn't breathe-
    it fills me with a bitter-sweet ache,
    and I just want to be little again.

    Sometimes, random memories-
    a reminiscent word said here,
    a familiar melody heard there,
    a burst of giggles and laughter-
    catch me off-guard
    and nostalgia floods my senses.

    The desire to relive them,
    to create once again
    the everlasting from fleeting moments,
    to feel the love that remains.
    It grips me,
    taking hold of my entire being.
    My heart is throbbing again
    with that sweet ache,
    longing for what once was.
    And that's when I realize,
    it is but the wistful desire
    of a child that never grew up
    and learned just how to be.

    So I had to settle for passing through the moments
    like walking through doors,
    only allowing my heart to flutter,
    to flicker again with the bliss
    I had once experienced.
    It is a reminder
    of a happiness I once owned,
    of the love that remains,
    of the things I no longer have...
    and knowing that it will never come again
    is what makes it so sweet.

    A strange feeling fills my chest
    as I leave this place.
    As if I am not only going to miss
    the people I love,
    but also
    the person I was at that time and place,
    because I will never be that way again.
    And I cling to it,
    to that memory,
    to that person I want to remain,
    afraid to let it fade
    to let it become a ghost,
    a shadow.
    Everything that I have loved
    has become
    everything I lost.

    Wasn't it beautiful
    when we believed in everything?

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    For some, childhood may be joyful, filled with pleasant memories. For others, it may be unpleasant. Even among those unpleasant memories, one might find at least a few pleasant memories which...

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  13. 11. Guidance

    • By Jesi Manatrey
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2010

    Sometimes we just need a little guidance to get us where we're supposed to be. This is why teenagers get emotional because we can understand what's going on but people don't understand how we deal with it.

    Some things are just too big
    For us to oversee
    Some things are just impossible
    For us to ever be

    These things are not us
    They're just someone living inside
    We really are just teenagers
    Who have a hard time with our pride

    This is who we all are
    We're a different kind of group
    Sometimes we might do things
    That will throw you through a loop

    But that's how we are
    Messy and unstable
    Maybe we just need
    Someone to guide us to the table

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  14. 12. I'm No Longer A Kid

    • By Vidajo Vanorder
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2009

    I have always been treated like a little kid. I was never able to make my own decisions or make any mistakes. I just want to be who I am, and I am not a kid and I am not perfect. I just thought it was time I stood up for myself.

    You make me feel empty
    You make me feel sad
    You make me feel like I have lost everything I had

    Now all I do is lay here and cry
    I even sometimes wish I could just lay down and die

    I'm sick of this life
    I'm sick of these tears
    I'm sick of the guilt trip you put on me for years and years

    I'm going to live life as I choose
    I'm no longer going to cry tears because of you
    I'm not going to feel guilty for the things that you did
    And I will say this I'm no longer a kid

    This is a fight I'm willing to win

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    I can relate. I'm a 14-year-old boy who just wants to hang out with his friends and sometimes by myself. I have good grades, and people say I'm a good, well-rounded boy, but I'm growing up....

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  15. 13. Teenage Life

    • By Maddison-Sheree
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    I wrote this poem as I'm a teenager. life at the moment can sometimes be challenge. life was getting harder and in the way and these are just some of the feeling that I felt at that moment.

    I'm going through a hard time.
    I sit in my room most of time.
    I throw things around.
    Just to calm me down.

    I thought one day everything was going to be okay.
    But I'm still waiting for that day.
    School is just getting in the way,
    And I'm getting judged everyday .

    It's just not fair.
    I don't know what to wear.
    I try my hardest.
    But no one thinks it's my hardest.
    I just wanna give up.
    But I can't as I need to show them up.

    There is no point being angry at every one.
    When you are just going to be outdone.
    I start to cry.
    And I know it's time for me to squeeze by.

    It's time for me to get on with life.
    But it feels like I have be stabbed with a knife.
    I don't know how I can go on.
    When I look upon.
    I see a shooting star and I wish.
    But it always ends up in a swish.

    I thought you said it was going to be easy.
    But I guess you were wrong cause it ain't breezy.
    Listen in to your heart.
    And you might find the right part.
    Why am I breaking apart?
    All at the heart.

    I don't wanna be torn.
    Why can't I just be re -born.
    So I can start from the start again.
    And then I might lose some of the pain.
    Then I might have a better chance.
    And I will have a better stance.

    I had a dream.
    But then I realized that it was to upstream.
    I got out of touch with the ones who gave me my wing to fly.
    And I began to cry.

    I forgot so easy about what really matters.
    Now everything is a bit of a splatter.
    I feel like I'm upside down.
    And I just frown.

    I hope I'm dreaming cause I don't like this feeling.
    Cause it's very unappealing.
    I don't know how to get out of this.
    I wish it just wouldn't exist.
    can Someone help me.
    Or can I just flee.

    Everything I do, is making me more confused
    And now I feel like I'm just getting used.
    I finally get happy.
    And then something comes on my mind and I'm unhappy.

    Life Is hard and always will be.
    but I guess I just have to harden up

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  16. 14. See Me Grow Up

    • By Katilyn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2012

    Hi, I'm Katilyn. I am 13 years old. This is my first poem I have ever written. Hope you enjoy it.

    Coming Of Age Poem

    See me cry
    See the truth behind the lies
    See me smile, see me laugh
    See the flashbacks of my past
    See my bad habits come to an end
    See me leave footprints in the snow
    See me wave hello and goodbye
    I'm amazed to see everything new
    Time flew by and left a mark
    See me dance in the rain
    See me ignore all types of pain
    See me grow up and take on the world
    See me now, I'm not a little girl
    See me graduate high school
    See me graduate college
    See me wear my heart on my sleeve
    See the people leave my side
    See the people stay by me
    See me start to make my dreams come true
    See me speak what's on my mind
    See me help people, see me forget
    See the next me.
    I bet you thought I wouldn't write anything like this.
    See me prove you wrong.
    I thought you might be surprised; you don't know me then.
    See me see you be shocked.

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    Latest Shared Story

    It touched me by the way the author wrote it. He states in the last line "see me be shocked" and what touched me was in the poem that the girl was angry at the parent because the parent left....

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  17. 15. Letter To My Parents

    • By Elizabeth Virgen
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2013

    I wrote this freshman of high school when I was going through a lot with my parents. They weren't really supportive at this time in my life. These are all my real feelings, so please be nice.
    Thanks for reading (:

    I just wanna know
    If you're proud of me
    I want you to see
    What's inside me
    What I hold inside
    All the pain I go through
    And You don't have a clue
    Of what I do
    You think I'm okay
    But underneath this smile
    Is a girl calling for help
    You tell me you care
    But I can't bear
    To believe you
    I just want to leave
    Almost as if I don't exist
    I'm a ghost
    Without a reflection
    I try my best
    But you seem to overlook that
    I know you work hard but you only want to rest
    I just want some time
    To spend with you, but you seem as you don't give a dime
    You tell me so many lies
    That the truth dies
    I know I'm your only hope
    But I need time to cope
    I want you to support me
    When I'm in need
    As days pass
    Nothing seem to change
    When I don't see you
    I tend to cry
    And pray to the Lord
    That you are alright
    At times I believe
    I have no family
    Wondering why
    If we didn't fight
    Yell and bicker
    How my life would be like
    But just tell one another
    How much we care
    You say you do
    But really to who?
    I know you struggle
    I wish I could take that away
    Maybe one day
    We can make something out of this
    As long as we have one another
    There is no one
    Alive that could take my mother and father's place

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    I'm just a simple girl with great dreams. I often cry because everybody doesn't understand me. My friends, classmate, schoolmates, best friends and not even my family. I always show my sweet...

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  18. 16. Seeking Adulthood

    • By Maysie Stott Morrison
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    This was written after a reflective time in my life. I was beginning to understand that adulthood was only around the corner, but I felt that nobody else my age understood.

    I'm getting older now,
    No longer a child,
    Not yet an adult,
    But a girl trying to carve a path for herself

    I'm learning to make my own choices,
    Molding a future with my bare hands,
    Learning how to step out,
    Despite the shaky ground.

    I no longer need to be held tight in your embrace
    But crave an independence,
    One that lets me explore my hunger for this world,
    A world full of hidden meanings.

    But sometimes I fall,
    As I struggle to take in the world before me,
    Overwhelmed by the bigger picture
    The adulthood that lies ahead.

    And it must be hard for you to accept
    That I'm building a life for myself,
    Making mistakes that you cannot cure,
    Choices you never dreamed I'd make.

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    Wow, this poem is amazing! Growing up can be very scary and unpredictable, but it has to be done. I think the unknown of it makes it so beautiful.

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  19. 17. Little Things

    As the oldest sibling, my parents have always told me that I should lead as an example because my little sister and brother are watching, listening, and acting like I do. Because of this, I try my hardest to set a good example for them. They help me strive to be a better person. Love you, Reese & Landon <3

    Being An Example To Young Children

    Little eyes, they are always watching
    As I go through fields of sunflowers and clouds of crows
    They see everything I do
    Little eyes

    Little ears, they are always listening
    As I whisper words that I throw around like pebbles into a river
    They hear everything I say
    Little ears

    Little hands, they always do what I do
    As I pick up the burdens of this life and hold them tightly to my chest
    They copy everything I do
    Little hands

    Little mouth, they always talk as I talk
    As I cast my words into a sea of disregarded lies and careless feelings
    They say everything I say
    Little mouth

    Little feet
    As I walk down the highways of shadows and allies of sunshine
    They follow me wherever I go
    Little feet

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  20. 18. What Should I Do???

    • By Meghan Magallanez
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    This poem is about what I ask myself all the time, and the question is, 'What should I do with my life with me going through all these situations?" Does it make me a weaker or stronger person? Also it shows when I want to achieve something in life I don't do it for me, but I do it for my loved ones up in heaven watching over me. For me the least I can do is make them proud.

    Which life shall I follow?
    What path should I take?
    Should I go left or right?
    And make the same mistakes.
    Like I've done in the past.
    Or should I move far away and start over again?
    Because I'm a senior in high school and knew too much about the game.
    The Lifestyle? The People? and even about the Money?
    For me it all has to change.
    So what do I do?
    Because I've made big mistakes.
    It's either this way or that way.
    What more can I say?
    I guess whatever comes down to it...
    I'm going to change and make my grandma proud because she's up in heaven
    With all the other angels like family members
    I have lost in the past 8 years for goodness sake
    So I guess I am going to change
    But not for my own good
    But for someone who always counted on me
    No matter what mistakes I've made
    Because in the end
    I got a whole team up in heaven
    Who want to see me make it
    And when I hit that ball over the fence
    You know I didn't do it for me
    But for the loved ones
    We miss very truly

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  21. 19. Let Go, I Will Be Me

    • By Ashleigh Elander
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2010

    I am about to turn 16, and I have been through a lot with my family. I wrote this after being grounded and total forced separation from my boyfriend. I wrote this for my dad mostly, but some of it is for my mom.

    Slowly been dying inside.
    Now I'm here.
    He brings me back to life.
    I was empty, but he filled me up:
    With laughter, new ideas, and love.
    You disapprove.
    You say it's not true.
    Now you take away
    The only thing that keeps me from pain.
    School helps, but it's summer.
    Friends help, but you
    Took them away too.
    Now he is gone.
    Now I am back to empty.
    You can't help.
    So don't try.
    You say I'm a heathen; a whore.
    Why should I respect you anymore?
    Family is important, but I don't see one.
    Everyone fights too much to be one.
    I know you don't trust me.
    I want you to.
    I will not always listen to you.
    God will forgive me
    Though you say he will not.
    Your mistakes are not mine.
    Your shame is not mine.
    God loves you, I love you.
    We all love you; You just don't believe.
    I've tried to make our family work.
    I want us to stay together.
    It took all of the little sanity I had.
    I can't make everyone happy
    But I will try to make me happy,
    Or I won't be of use.
    I rarely want to eat.
    I barely sleep.
    You worry about my safety.
    I know I am safe.
    I worry about my sanity.
    It's not just about him.
    It's about everything building.
    He takes away the pain.
    He cares though you say he doesn't.
    My priorities are fine.
    Don't judge me.
    God, School, Family are all important.
    Yet so are friends.
    So is my happiness.
    So is actually living.
    Not being a robot.
    Not hiding behind my mask.
    I know I will not hurt myself.
    Take care of yourself.
    Each of us needs,
    To think about themselves.
    Think before we all shut down.
    Before we all collapse and burst.
    Shipping me off will keep the problems at bay
    Until I return.
    I will not get over him.
    We will continue to fight.
    If he moves on
    I won't do anything.
    Then I will be worse.
    I won't have my friends.
    I won't have my family.
    I won't have school to distract.
    I will collapse.
    Sure I dramatize sometimes.
    But I love you.
    I love my family.
    I love my God.
    I love my friends.
    I love my boyfriend.
    These will not change.
    You used to think I was an angel.
    I told you I wasn't.
    I told everyone.
    None listened.
    You know I will make mistakes.
    I am sorry for everything.
    I am sorry for what will happen.
    I can't change what has been.
    I know I disappoint.
    I am trying to find
    My purpose.
    My love.
    My life.
    My thoughts.
    I can't think the way you do.
    Teen love is supposed to be a myth.
    Yet I feel the way I do.
    I don't know what will happen.
    Things just seem to get worse.
    One day we will all be happy.
    I am not sure when.
    I love you so much.
    I won't be you.
    I will be me.
    I will be with him.
    Let go.

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  22. 20. No Longer A Kid

    • By Ash
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    I wrote this poem because my parents always treat me like a kid. I might rhyme in a spot or two but I hope you like it.

    You treat me like
    I'm some little kid
    who can't do anything for herself

    You make me feel empty, sad and alone
    I can't do anything on my own
    You say things to people
    To make them think I'm five

    I'm sick of all your lying
    And I'm sick of all these tears
    You put me in a place
    Were I have NO choice
    But to sit and cry

    Can I please make my own decisions
    Can you treat like I'm my age
    I'm A Kid No Longer

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