Rape Poems by Teens

Rape Poems about Teens

Rape is one of the most degrading, devastating emotional events that can happen to a person. Many people try to deny that they were raped by keeping it a secret, but repressing an attack simply delays the healing process and leaves the attacker free to attack again. Instead, victims should seek out legal and medical help, and a trusted friend to confide in. Often, recovery only begins when a victim talks to others about what happened to them. If you were raped, remember that what happened to you is not your fault. You deserve to get help and emotional support.

Need help?

Online Hotline: National Sexual Assault Online Hotline
U.S., National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1.800.656.HOPE
International Sexual Assault Resources

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  1. A Price Paid

    • By Janae Boswell
    • Published: December 2012
    Rape Victim Kills Herself

    closed are my sunken eyes
    tears gracefully crawl down my face
    I take another straight shot of whiskey
    as my head starts to race...

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    There you are. I thought I got rid of you, molester. You used and manipulated me as a joke or some kind of teaser. The evidence you gave was only internally bruises and scars, but you don't...

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  2. Someday

    • By Alaska
    • Published: February 2012
    Someday I'll Forget

    You were a friend of mine.
    Before you attacked me.
    I told you I wasn't ready.
    So you took over....

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    You my darling are such a powerful woman, I mean how many women would raise a baby, twins, even from rape and look at them in positively ... you my darling are a super woman, you are not...

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  3. You Didn't Care

    • By Britney
    • Published: March 2013

    You said that you would always be there
    You said that you really did care
    Instead all I got were your bullshit lies
    You didn't once stop to listen to my cries...

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    This happened freshman year when I was 13. I was dating a boy I thought I could trust. One day after school he had convinced me to "accidentally" miss the bus and hang out with him and his...

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  4. The Man In The Cargo

    • By Lauren
    • Published: September 2011
    Friends Don't Believe I was Raped

    The man in the cargo murdered my innocence, and he took away my pride
    He broke me down, and he shattered my trust all at once in his stride
    The man abused me, he denied me, and he watched as tears ran down my face
    How could one soul do this? I believed I was in a safe place...

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    I was raped, by my father. It all started when I was 11. He started touching me, and even came in my room while I was sleep. I'll never forget the day he raped me. I was watching TV, laying...

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  5. A Little Piece Of Me

    • By Kariana Reyes
    • Published: January 2012
    Molested By My Brother Poem

    You forced yourself on me, along with your touch.
    I pleaded for you to stop, but you still wouldn't get off.
    I closed my eyes tightly, wishing I were somewhere else.
    Wishing someone had been here to help....

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    I was around 7 when my cousin-brother molested me. This continued for 2 years. I was unaware of what was happening with me, but I felt very disgusted. Now I'm 14 and he still touches me. It...

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  6. I Wish I Was Blind

    • By Courtney Powell
    • Published: March 2009
    Raped By Babysitter And Neighbor

    Waiting, debating
    On whether or not I
    Should be saying.

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    Hey, It's Kyla again. Well my step brother move back home in January and then the beatings begin... He tried to kill me over and over again. Then in March I told my landlord once again and...

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  7. A Life Change

    • By Amberrae Daniels
    • Published: March 2012
    9 Year Old Raped By Next Door Neighbor

    There was a chill in the wind that night,
    one like no other.
    The darkness made it hard for sight,
    but I knew it was his brother....

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    I was sexually assaulted by my neighbor . So when I heard your story it made me speak up. Now that I know I'm not alone I'm not afraid to tell my story thanks to you.

  8. Not Bitter, But Sweet

    • By Chrissi
    • Published: October 2011
    Healing From Rape Poem

    Little girl walking down the street
    pretty-eyed, brown, and extremely sweet

    Walking to her crazy home...

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    This poem really touched me its so amazing I was raped by my mothers boyfriend at 8 and it continued till I was 12 and I told my mother and she didn't do anything about it but marry him so...

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  9. Shame

    • By Becca
    • Published: June 2012
    Raped And Mother Doesn't Believe Me

    the light was there but I was blind
    the image never leaves my mind
    you sat there and laughed while I laid there and cried
    you smiled and laughed while I frowned and died...

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    I am almost in tears after reading this, especially because I know exactly how you feel. My mother didn't believe me when I told her what her husband did to me. She didn't talk to me for...

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  10. Shadow Of A Silhouette

    • By Laura Sumano-Diaz
    • Published: August 2011
    Raped By My Boyfriend Poem

    To most this is just a bad dream, a nightmare
    But to some, it's more, it's reality
    Few can talk about it, few take the dare
    The rest stay in the shadows...

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    When I was four my cousin molested me. That started my life of hell. It happened ten other times. Me being abused, beat, tortured, and raped. The last time it happened was two weeks...

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