Baby Death Poem

Father Deals With The Death Of Baby Poem

Three months ago, me and my wife experienced one of the most painful experiences in our life. We lost our baby boy, who was then six months in the womb, due to a cord mishap. This poem shows that, after three months, we are slowly getting to accept what has happened, celebrating his birthday every month much like parents celebrating every milestone of their baby.

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A Celebration


Published: September 2011

Bought a cake on a Sunday
For my son's special day,
Brought flowers and a toy
All for my little boy.
Sing a song of "Happy Birthday!" I did
While the candle on the cake I lit,
And when it's time for him to blow,
A gust of wind, so strong, did so,
In my heart, at once I knew,
That it was him, my son, who blew.
Heaven must be celebrating today
For it is my angel's special day.



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