Abuse Poem by Teens

My mum suffers from mental issues. She has never been diagnosed but has attempted suicide twice, self-harmed and suffers from stress. My dad doesn't live with us and is oblivious to what goes on.
I have been looking after my sisters now for the past 9 years (I'm 14).

We get abused. Mostly verbally now, but when it's bad we get the kicks and slaps. As a child we were always physically abused. My parents said it was discipline, but is it right for a 6 year old to want to die?

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A Failed Mother

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Published: November 2015

You tell me not to swear, yet you swear at me
You tell me not to fight, yet you hurt me
You tell me to be happy, yet you make me cry
You tell me to work harder but never give me the time

Your words leave cracks inside of me
But sadly no one else can see
The pain I feel inside
And the cuts I have to hide

At the age of 2 my life was over
Still breathing but dead all over
That scary cold dark room
Was the start of all this gloom

At the age of 5 I was a mother
One day after another
I fed them, dressed them
When you should have been looking after them

You ran out on us twice
And you left us at a price
You lost our trust forever and ever
And you won't get it back whatsoever

When I was 10 you held a knife to your chest
Why couldn't you be like the all rest
You didn't stab yourself
And leave us by ourselves

You nearly kicked me out
And I would have gone without a doubt
But my sisters sat at home
How could I leave them with you alone

But still, Mum, for some reason
Thanks, you made me stronger

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