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Healing From Rape Poem

When I was a six years old, my brother's friend raped and beat me. That day I almost lost my life. I felt as if I couldn't escape the world, so I began to write. When I first started, I could already feel me being less scared and more open... This is how my poem came to me.

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This poem really touched me its so amazing I was raped by my mothers boyfriend at 8 and it continued till I was 12 and I told my mother and she didn't do anything about it but marry him so...

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Not Bitter, But Sweet


Published: October 2011

Little girl walking down the street
pretty-eyed, brown, and extremely sweet

Walking to her crazy home
Why was the little girl walking alone?

Behind her she hears a car coming
little girl never thought to start running

The car starts going faster and faster
She didn't see this as a disaster

She didn't expect this was the end
Pulling up next to her was her brother's friend

He said "hey little one, you need a ride?"
Don't be afraid just get inside

She said "its okay, I'm almost there."
Inside she was becoming scared

He stopped the car and hopped out
Very angry he begin to shout

"Why don't you just get in the car?
You said yourself it isn't far"

Little girl small and scared
Started to run as her mind dared

Before she knew she blacked out
Her mind still conscious, trying to shout

She's lying bleeding on the ground
Afraid to move and make a sound

Next day she's in the hospital bed
The doctor tell her mama she isn't dead

After those days when she needs help
She learns its best to help herself

Little girl not bitter but sweet
Turned out to have been raped and beat

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  • Kimberly by Kimberly, Georgia
  • 7 years ago

This poem really touched me its so amazing I was raped by my mothers boyfriend at 8 and it continued till I was 12 and I told my mother and she didn't do anything about it but marry him so this poem gave me hope that everything will be alright. I am currently in a relationship and he is amazing I am just scared to give him all of my love because I can't trust men anymore so this poem helped me let go and forgive so thanks

  • Nichelle by Nichelle, Missouri
  • 7 years ago

I got chills from this amazing poem. Many of my friends... And myself have also been in a similar situation... It helps to know that people outside of our small little group have been through the same thing and know how we feel.. We come to this site to know that we aren't alone.. Also to find amazing writings like this to show how we feel.. I thank you very much for having the strength to write and post something as powerful as this and let many people from all over to read it.. Thank you..

  • Dayshena by Dayshena, North Carolina
  • 7 years ago

I have really been touched by this poem because I was raped from 6 years old to 14 years old and no one did anything. No one believed me so this really touched me. Stay strong and God will work it out. I had to be positive and say it will be all over soon and I'll be okay but it got worse. Then one day someone noticed and told me I would not have to deal with the pain anymore and I was so happy!!! I am free from that bondage I also noticed that people told me to forgive and forget. I forgave so I could be with my Father in heaven but I will never forget what my uncle did to me never. But I have found love and this guy loves me so much I'm only 15 but I know not to let my past ruin the love that I want to find in a man. I love my boyfriend he loves me. I am happy, so happy. So if you have ever been raped or touch inappropriately tell someone and God will make a way!!!!

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