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Halloween can be filled with many scary things for children. It’s easy to let our imaginations run away with us.

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Famous Poem

A Vampire Bit My Neck Last Night

By more Kenn Nesbitt

A vampire bit my neck last night.
And, though it sounds insane,
some zombies chased me down the street
and tried to eat my brain.

A mummy shambled after me.
Godzilla stomped my face.
I nearly I got abducted by
an alien from space.

When Frankenstein attacked me
I escaped, but then almost
got tackled by a skeleton,
a werewolf, and a ghost.

A slimy blob engulfed me.
Then I woke up with a scream.
I’ve never been so overjoyed
to wake up from a dream.

Last night I learned a lesson;
if you want to keep your head,
don’t watch a scary movie
right before you go to bed.

“A Vampire Bit My Neck Last night” copyright © 2021 Kenn Nesbitt. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted by permission of the author. www.poetry4kids.com


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