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A poem calling from the depths of despair.

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Every day it gets harder knowing you're not good enough. Names shoving down your throat. Thinking it is over, but you learn it's only the beginning. Your friends withdraw from you. You're all...

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All I Want


Published: February 2006

My life sucks so bad, and
no one knows.
I can't stand to take it anymore.
I want to leave so bad and she won't let me.

I want to run but my legs won't move.
I want to scream but my voice is silenced by her.
I want to cry but my eyes are dry.
I want to die but no one will let me go.

All I want to do is not be me!
My life is so messed up and no one knows.
Will they ever?



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  • Trey Lawhorn by Trey Lawhorn
  • 3 years ago

Every day it gets harder knowing you're not good enough. Names shoving down your throat. Thinking it is over, but you learn it's only the beginning. Your friends withdraw from you. You're all alone, no friends, no family. You think it can get better, you think every day it will get better. The day never comes, and you sit in the dark corner, weeping and begging for it to stop. You think there is no way out.

Suicide is serious. It is the 10th cause of death to date. If you know someone or you are going through a tough time, please call the Suicide Helpline at-l 1-800-273-8255. Just know there are people that care....

  • Mirranda by Mirranda
  • 4 years ago

I can sit in a classroom full of people who laugh and smile yet still feel so alone. I can sit and laugh with all of my friends and still want to cry. It seems life only gets harder from my crappy childhood to a family who hates me. I sit alone in my room and laugh at my scars knowing that someday I will be better than what I am right now. From time to time I sit alone thinking of what I can do to make my life better and I know someday I will. I'm not pretty or skinny but I am a great person, yes I have flaws but so do we all.

  • Samuel by Samuel
  • 4 years ago

Maybe I'm late, and maybe you won't see this, but this isn't just to you, and if anyone else in a similar position sees this, it is for you as well. Life... Sucks, it just does, so many things go wrong that it seems like Fate decided it didn't like you very much. No good deed goes unpunished, often it is the way of the world, but there is only so much that the people around you can control. I was and am a pretty normal human being, I make mistakes, I screw up, everybody does. I have scars, mental and physical, including one long slash on a vein that I look at when I need a reminder. The more it seems like the universe wants to push you down, you push back, maybe you'll lose, maybe you'll fail, but even if you do, at least you'll be able to raise your head up and say I didn't go quietly. If Fate decides to spit in your face, spit right back. When you feel like nobody cares, then stand up tall and do whatever the Hell you want. After all, what can they do to stop you?

  • Lonely One by Lonely One, Earth
  • 5 years ago

I try so hard to be noticed. I make sure to sacrifice my happiness for others so that they will like me. I never show my true feelings so I can be a better friends. I'm out-shadowed by my younger sister, who everyone adores and cheers on, no one gets angry at her. Whenever she does something to me its "Your the eldest, ignore her" "Just tease her back" but its different, cause when I do its "Stop being so immature, Don't be mean to her". Even at my new school I have to try so hard to be a new me that everyone wants to hang with. At my old school no one cared much about me. I was and am too shy. I am the clumsy one, who mucked up when doing a solo ballet in front of the class, but you don't know I have anxieties. I put my hand down at school because I am scared. People only talk to me when they need me to help them. The only place I feel welcome is at drama. Where everyone says I'm great and talks and smiles at me. They would be the only ones to miss me but they would get over it.

  • Neaki by Neaki, France
  • 5 years ago

I was never the most popular in school. There were people with and around me... But I knew that they didn't want to be with me anyways, the teacher always noticed and told them to sit with me during lunch, and still I knew they didn't care about me at all. There were groups, but if I went there to talk, I would only be talking to myself, they wouldn't hear a thing what I would say. If I was invited to parties, I would be sitting alone while everyone around me just laughed about a story the other was talking about. When those days were gone, I went to higher education and have good friends. But the class still doesn't like me, I still feel like the outsider... What do I do??

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