Wife Death Poem

Poem About Giving All Of Me

This is about the ultimate commitment to marriage.

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All Of Me


Published: July 2011

With my hands I held you, I touched you and loved you.
My hands are callused from very hard work
to provide clothing, shelter, transportation, food, entertainment and more.
I massaged away your pains and bound your wounds with my hands.
With my arms I embraced you and held you oh so close.
With my back, legs and shoulders I hoisted and upheld
all the burdens that life threw at you,
which were many and difficult to be rid of.
With my feet, I walked so many miles for you
that they could not be counted.
With my eyes, I beheld you in eternal love.
With my mouth, I praised you.
With my mind, heart, soul, words and deeds,
I adored and was passionate toward you.
With my body and soul, I was faithful to you.
With all of me, I loved you and sacrificed all that I had for you
until there was nothing remaining.
Accept my being. 
I willingly gave all of me.

I would gladly do it all again to hold you and kiss your lips once more,
for you own all of me.


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