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Poem About When A Loved One Has Alzheimer's

I always felt that of the over 500 poems that I have written, this one was the most insightful as it was written when my older sister started through this pattern. Now, at 92, I am watching myself carefully and thanking God I am still OK. I'm also glad that I lived through the era when music was music and poetry was rhythm and rhyme. I am grateful for my file of special letters from people from all over the world, who read my poetry and let me know they were amused, comforted or inspired.

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I have met people with memory loss and I have spent time with them and with their caregivers/families at a respite care center where I have been volunteering and where I have shared the novel...

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Changing Places


Published: August 2015

I see the sadness in your eyes,
The times that you are knowing
What's happening to your wondrous mind,
The symptoms you are showing.

It was so hard to recognize,
When they started coming through.
The little things that changed you
From the person that I knew.

The doctor's confirmation
Was so hard to accept,
To know that little could be done,
That there's no cure as of yet.

Forgive me, dear, if sometimes
I give in to my frustrations.
It's just so overwhelming,
This change in our relations.

Now I'm the one to be on guard,
To keep you safe from harm,
Protecting you the best I can
And not showing my alarm.

I hope you still can understand
How much you mean to me.
Though you curse me, or forget me,
I'll accept what has to be.

For I will still remember
The joys that we once shared.
You showed me in so many ways
How very much you cared.

I pray to God to give me strength
To do what must be done,
To trust that in the future
This battle will be won.

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  • RandomPoet by RandomPoet
  • 11 months ago

My mother had Alzheimer's and spent the last 4 years of her life in a clinic. My father was able to see her almost every day. For several years after her passing, my father, my kids, and I went on a "Memory Walk" in her honor. (I think they have since changed the name of that walk.) It is such a sad ending when someone you love doesn't exactly "die" so much as "fade away" gradually. This poem is very well done.

  • Alice by Alice
  • 2 years ago

This poems covers so many terminal situations and what we go through, but no poem will show what the victim goes through. The pain, fear, hopelessness they must be going through. On the other hand also bravery, love, compassion for us caring for them. I cry every time I remember my daughter's ordeal.

  • Ruth Feinstein by Ruth Feinstein
  • 2 years ago

I was very touched by the poem, "Changing Places," since it very simply and clearly mirrors my current situation. My wonderful husband of 63 years is struggling with dementia, caused by a neurological illness. I see him failing every day. Bless the author of this poem by putting it all into words.

  • Kat by Kat, Chicago
  • 3 years ago

I have met people with memory loss and I have spent time with them and with their caregivers/families at a respite care center where I have been volunteering and where I have shared the novel that I'm writing. Your poem aptly captures the frustrations and challenges and sense of loss I imagine people must be feeling when they see the changes that Alzheimer's brings about and yet I see these family members and caregivers soldiering on, under such difficult, trying circumstances. Bless them all for their patience and loving kindness. I enjoy visiting there, because we always have laughs and fun and it is wonderful to see everyone's smiles and to join in with their laughter. I consider the time I spend there to be a celebration of life.

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