Growing Up Poem

Poem From Mother To Daughter Leaving Home

Though her daughter is grown up and leaving the house, her mother still see the five-year-old that lives inside.

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Ebony Curls


Published: February 2006

I watch as she flaps her arms,
Pretends to fly.
With her optimistic charms,
Always asking why.

The sun shines on her ebony curls.
She seems to have a certain childhood glow.
Although she is different from the other preschool girls,
She seems to know secrets we don't have the pleasure to know.

I watch as she is lost,
In her own fantasy land.
She doesn't appear distraught,
She is anything but bland.

Years later I gaze,
Feeling hopelessly alone.
As she drives away in a foggy haze,
Finally leaving home.

I glance once more at her eyes,
Still optimistic behind a dark curl.
My eyes are no longer dry,
As I say goodbye to my little girl.

Still seeing her as five years old,
Flapping her wings and drifting away.
Still in her fantasy world,
Going on her way.


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