Growing Up Poem

I wrote this poem many years ago when my oldest son was going to school for the first time.
He is 29 years old now and has made me so proud of his achievements in life. Children are a blessing from God. Treasure every moment, time goes by so fast!

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Suddenly With The Blink Of An Eye


Published: August 2013

The sun was brilliantly shining
it was a picture of a day,
when I starred outside my window
and watched my son at play.
Funny how quickly time passes
suddenly with a blink of an eye,
my little boy is all grown up
there's no more need for lullabies.
I remember when he was an infant
how I wished that he'd turn one,
for my sleepless nights were endless
and my chores were never done.
At two I wished that he'd turn three
so I could put the diapers away,
I never dreamed that by wishing
he'd be all grown up today.
This is the year he goes to school
how I wish he was a baby once more,
maybe I'd learn to let little things go
like dust on the furniture or dirt on the floor.
Oh how I'd treasure each moment
if given a second chance,
but life just isn't that simple
and this is a wish that no one can grant.
Why is it we never learn before the
clock ticks away the time
to celebrate each new day
in our hearts and in our minds,
instead of looking back and asking ourselves why,
our children are all grown up
suddenly with the blink of an eye.

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