Loving Poem about Family

This poem describes family morals, preservation, and the importance of keeping family ties. It shows the truth about families, the "ups and downs" each family experiences, and a description of the importance of a family's longevity.

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Family Tree


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008 with permission of the Author.

Trees are like families:
if the roots are not preserved or firmly planted,
it will die, like a plant that turns black when not watered
If the roots are deep, it will go on; it will survive
it is essential for the tree to survive and the family to go on.
preserving the families longevity,
preserving the tree line

New saplings, born from older trees.
A newborn baby;
their seeds carry pieces of the past, creating a new future,
a mixture of the old to create the new

Many saplings, all different
Many siblings, none the same

Haunted by dreams that turn to truths
a child awakes in the night after a nightmare
a tree is disturbed by outside influences

One sapling's roots do not take to the ground
Some days it digs deep, other days it tips and rocks
No balance, like a chaotic household,
just enough to stay afloat
It is losing ground, leaves, losing faith, losing hope.

Calm before the storm,
silence at dinner, struck down by the screams and the yells of a confused soul

One sapling grows and thrives
reaches toward the sun, reaches toward the future
the sun and air aid the tree, provides nutrition, like a mother comforts a child.
calming the room with the knowledge of the world
Chaos overpowering the tranquil moments,
wind and rain beating and tearing the tree on a stormy night
But it still stands the next day, stronger than before

Close trees shelter each other as a family holds tight in harsh times
light conquering darkness
Grove of trees shading each other, swaying as one, intertwined and bending toward a beautiful future.


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