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A Strong Family's Will

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Published: February 2006

A family is like a building,
You need a strong base to build one.
A mother, a father, love and care
Is like a building growing towards the air.
A bond is what they have, in order to survive.
Hope, love and faith is what keeps your family alive.

Go by these guidelines, you never can fail.
Instructions are what they are, some old folks tell.
A family is strong, through each stormy weather.
A family's troubles are never ending,
We all know this is true.
But if trouble is what you have,
This is what you should do.

Hope, love and faith is what this should be.
A strong family's will to survive,
Is what you'll come to see.

Through the eyes of myself and my husband as well,
Is what this poem comes to tell.
Experience is a good teacher, life will surely tell.
Even though the trails and tribulations may feel like pure hell.



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