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Hi. I'm Carrina. I struggle with depression and have tried to end my life in the past. Then, a really great guy came into my life; he was just a friend. He made me feel normal again, like I wouldn't be hurt anymore. Then, he started seeing a girl who did not like me, and she told him to stay away from me. So he did. It really tore me up. And that is what inspired this poem.

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When your father is controlled by substances out of your world, you scream and yell at the top of your lungs to make it stop. But you're frozen, watching him slowly fade away into nothing.

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Fatal Consequences

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Published: August 2012

I felt so alone inside my head,
A constant wish that I was dead.
Empty and broken, I was alone,
The reasons behind this? Unknown.

Then I let you on my life, deep into my heart,
I believed that nothing would ever keep us apart.
My whole world had fallen into place,
When my darkest feelings you began to erase.

This perfect dream began to crack and shatter,
Now I am left with nothing except the tatters.
It turns out you were only breaking me more,
Now I am deceased, deep to the core.

My eyes are now empty- not an ounce of light,
I am once again lost in endless night.
When I close my eyes and begin to sleep,
Dark dreams and nightmares begin to creep.

I awake with screaming in my ears,
This is followed by my streaming tears.
In this raw moment, I ache for you,
This only rips my pain anew.

This crippling pain leads me to the knife,
My friend that will surely end my life.


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  • Robert Hendren by Robert Hendren
  • 5 years ago

When your father is controlled by substances out of your world, you scream and yell at the top of your lungs to make it stop. But you're frozen, watching him slowly fade away into nothing.

  • Babeho B. Sheba by Babeho B. Sheba, kampala,Uganda
  • 5 years ago

This is really touching. At times we need to compose ourselves and not cry over people who don't even deserve it.

  • Wolfheart by Wolfheart, Virginia
  • 8 years ago

This really touched me. I am actually still trying to get over something that really hurt me and just reading sad things helps for some reason, I am sorry for what has happened to you and no one deserves to feel that way, I actually feel stupid because a girlfriend of mine actually told me not to talk to someone who I met when I was a freshmen, I need to go and talk to them again, I need to tell them that I feel stupid for avoiding them and I am a horrible human being. I know for a fact that being who I am, I should not avoid people, the more I avoid, the more I push away, and the more I die....

  • May H. by May H.
  • 9 years ago

I've recently been hurt thinking someone truly cared but lately it feels as if I'm alone in the world. I'm 14 now but sometimes I wish I was never born because no one can see my pain, my tears, or my bruises and cuts. No one hears my screams of pain and hurting so now everyday I look out my window in the darkness of the night just to feel as though it too knows how I feel. I've felt like I was in complete darkness and I can't seem to get away. I cry every night wishing there was some way to make people truly understand because people say they understand but honestly they have no idea.

  • Sanjukta Majumdar by Sanjukta Majumdar
  • 5 years ago

Little one, please don't be so sad! Life is so amazing dear!! Today's pain will make you strong again. And "Kill that part of yours which believes that you cannot survive without somebody else!" Just think that whatever hurt you or whoever left you is your past. All you have to do is "Love yourself". Yes I mean "Love yourself so much that you can create your own happiness." Do every small & little things that makes you happy. And please remember "DON'T EVER PUT YOUR HAPPINESS IN SOMEONE ELSE'S HANDS. THEY WILL DROP IT. THEY WILL DROP IT EVERY TIME."
Life's good!!
Just enjoy!

  • Katie by Katie
  • 9 years ago

Oh my josh, this poem really touched me. I feel your pain but remember you are not alone. As someone who has also tried to end her life, know that things get better if you focus on the people around you that are truly trying to help you. And trust me, you'll know who these people are.

  • Stacey by Stacey
  • 9 years ago

So sad, so beautiful, I totally understand you... we all have moments like this we just want to cry. That's ok. You should be alright.

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