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Letting Mom Know How Much She Means To Me

My mum and I have been through a rough patch, with me self-harming, her finding out, and just a whole mix of emotions. I wanted my mum to know how much I love her. I write a lot of poems, but this one is special. I know there are others out there like me who can relate to this special poem. For Mum.

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For Mum


Published: October 2016

I wanted to write this
To let you know
You mean so much to me;
I could never let you go.

I cry every night,
I smile in the day.
I do it because
I hope it'll go away.

Sometimes it does
And I feel like I did.
I'm taught to act like an adult
But behave like a kid.

Do you see now
Why this is so hard
For me to come to you,
For me to let down my guard?

But when I say this,
I say it without regret.
I really do love you.
I have since the day we met.

I'd like to keep it that way.
I'll try if you do,
But it means teamwork,
But once we're there we can stay.

Never look back on the past
With tears down our face.
It's not a game played for fun,
But we can win; it's like a race.

I know this is cheesy,
But it has to be said
Or it will end up
Another thing trapped in my head.

And with a little hard work,
Support and each other,
I'll play your daughter;
You play my mother.



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