Loss of Father Poem

Sudden Loss Of Father

My father died at the age of 45 in a tragic accident (I was 23 at the time). This poem is about my reflections on how I felt in the time immediately following his death. The feelings are still vivid and clear. I wrote this poem in hopes of comforting a friend who recently lost her father in a similarly sudden and tragic way.

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Forever And Always Your Baby


Published: February 2017

The moment I heard the news that day,
My heart sunk and my soul ached.
It just felt so unreal to me.
It couldn't be right; how could it be?

The next few days went by in a blur
Filled with tears, hugs and well-meaning words.
Nothing changed the facts, didn't do a thing.
They couldn't bring you back or take away the sting.

Like a hot blade to my heart
That time will never heal,
Understanding time still goes on
Somehow just doesn't seem real.

I watch people go about their day,
Wondering how they're so unaware.
One of God's most beautiful creations
Forever is no longer there.

I know he's up in heaven now,
And for that I should be glad,
But I am selfish; I'm his little girl,
So I am stark raving mad.

I want him back; this was too soon.
It couldn't have been his time.
I need him here to give advice
And remind me I'll be fine.

They tell me to be still
And trust in God's plan,
That time will reveal all things
And I will understand.

So for you, my Dad,
I will heed their words,
I will calm my anger
And face my hurt.

I will love you for always.
You always took care of me
And forever and always
Your baby I'll be.


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