Loss of Father Poem

My Dad Has Gone And I Am So Lost

I saw my dad, my strong, brave, amazing dad, take his last breath, his face cupped in my hands, his bright blue eyes looking in at me, into me, through me. Then gone. Just like that, my world stopped. The silence, holding my breath, nothing for a few seconds. Still was the hospital room, not a sound...then like a train crash, loud, screaming blackness, all-consuming cries, came my sorrow, it suffocated me, no, no please no...

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My Darling Dad

Sandra Hearth © more by Sandra Hearth

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2021 with permission of the Author.

I wrap my mouth to shut in the sound.
I cry so much, so deep, so profound.

I cannot comprehend that you are gone,
Gone forever, so cruel, so wrong.

I cannot live with so much pain,
My tears flow like never-ending rain.

I close my eyes, I cannot cope,
I am falling, I'm on a downward slope.

I cannot stop this hurt inside.
I cannot remember, I need to hide.

I picture you, I see your face,
But no longer near, just an empty space.

No more hugs or talks or time,
No more your voice saying all will be fine.

I have no one now to turn to,
I look, I search, but I cannot find you.

How do I get through this? It feels so surreal.
I am numb, I cannot feel.

I lose my breath, I cannot sleep.
My days are dark, and all I do is weep.

People say time will help, it will heal,
This is life, it is real.

There is now a hole; I am now brokenhearted.
It actually split the moment we parted.

I held your face, I saw you leave.
Now I am here alone to grieve.

My darling dad I miss you, it is true.
Forever and a day, I will always love you.



I love writing ...funny, sad, happy, whatever I'm feeling.
It's a joy and I can leave behind all the noise of this world and go to places that make me feel, sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh.
It's therapeutic a lot ot of the time, life's journey can take us to places we didn't choose and writing helps me heal.

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