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I met a guy a few years back, and I just wanted to express my feelings toward him by writing this love poem.

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I knew I loved him the first day we met. Every time I saw him I smiled and looked away. I didn’t have any confidence. When I told my friends, things spread quickly. He started to casually...

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Forever Vanished Love


Published: December 2011

Everything was simple,
Everything was fine.
I knew I couldn't have you,
And I knew why.

I tried to move on.
I dated other guys,
But then when we'd hang out,
I knew I had lied to myself.

You noticed me drifting.
You said, "Please explain,"
But I didn't want to lose you,
So I tried to deal with the pain.

It's hard to be with you.
It gets harder each day.
When I look into your eyes,
I feel my body floating away.

I miss the way it used to be.
You don't feel the change.
You don't know I really love you.
I'm sure to you; it's just a game.

As I close my eyes tonight,
I'll pray as I was taught to do.
I'll pray that you realize that
I love you but I can't have you.



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  • by Ashley Paraga
  • 4 months ago

Crush story...I liked him, but thinking about the type of person he is now, I couldn't be with him. I distanced myself, but it was too much when I found out he had joined me in one of my classes. I felt mad because I would have to see him again and I would never get over him. And I was right.

  • by Ava Gail H
  • 5 months ago

I really like this guy. He laughs and flirts, but sometimes he's a really big jerk. I wish I could get over him, but there are days I just can't. I guess it is meant to be, but you never know, so let's just wait and see.

  • by Ava
  • 8 months ago

I knew I loved him the first day we met. Every time I saw him I smiled and looked away. I didn’t have any confidence. When I told my friends, things spread quickly. He started to casually smile at me, and I let him play with my emotions. He knows how to get beneath my skin, but it hurts most when he acts like he likes me and the next school year blows me off and doesn’t talk to me, so I tell myself to move on and my friends are pressuring me to get over him. It’s tough, especially when you tried all those years to convince yourself but it never worked and you’re back to where you are, running away, crying, sobbing, and admitting to yourself you love them and will never ever let them go.

  • by Cyrice Bautista
  • 2 months ago

I'm in the same situation. Every time I try to tell myself I don't like him, the more I do. he ignores me every time. I just play along with it, hoping he will at least say good bye to me, but nothing.

  • by Maria
  • 11 months ago

I have a crush on a guy who I think is really cute. He calls himself handsome. I have Spanish class with him, and I sit next to him, so every time he walks into the class I get happy.

  • by Aneeta Khadka
  • 1 year ago

In my new school, he was just a friend, but suddenly I started liking him so much. I tried to move on because he was also having a crush on another girl in school. I even lied to myself and convinced myself that I don’t love him, but I still think about him. This is hard, but I think everything happens for a reason.

  • by Ruby Mars
  • 6 months ago

Things happen for a reason, but we don't always understand. There's one thing we can do. We can accept it and hope it gets better and during this period we try to live happily.

  • by Leslie
  • 1 year ago

I have a crush on this guy. I just meet him in this new school that I attend, and I feel I'm in the same situation because I was going to give him a poem of how I felt towards him, but it turns out that he is interested in some other girl in my class. Now my only option is to forget about him and move on.

  • by Ernestina Sonia
  • 1 year ago

Yes, I felt the same way about someone. I should have just confessed and gotten my feelings out, but I had to lie to myself and convince myself that I was fine and that writing about him and describing the way he looks at me was totally "normal." It took me 1 month after traveling away from him to realize how stupid I was and regret not telling him. But I'm happy for him right now...really I am.

  • by Alexis Doniniak
  • 1 year ago

I have a crush on this guy that is in my grade, and I told him that I have a crush on him, and he said, "Do you really?" and I said yes. I kept sending him letters and poems after that.

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