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I wrote this when I was feeling particularly dark and sad. I was inspired by the feelings that I acquired from the death of my dad. I hope you think it is good.

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I loved this poem. It was beautiful with that hint of dark, which made it so perfect. Very nice. Bravo.

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Published: December 2013

I look up into the clear sky.
The tears run like liquid crystals down my face.
Because of this, the angels cry,
Because I have this life to waste.

The frost and snowflakes bite me,
The beauty of their faces clear.
The loveliness is just to spite me,
And they run down, they turn to ice, my tears.

I see red all around me.
What is this, what is sounding?
Why does the blood run down from my eyes?
Is that why I did? Did I cry?

Through the window I see
I see your face, full of longing,
Fingers reaching out like a tree,
But we can never reach.

What is that I see in the mirror?
Is that I? In the reflection?
Why do I look like I am dead?
Because I am being cut apart, section by section...

Is this the time, or is it too late?
Should I choose to stay or choose to jump?
For living in a world with all this hate
Can make a person want to die.

I have feelings too, you know
I may always talk in monotone
But look more closely, for it is a mask.
The only reason that I do not not one cares enough to ask.

The fire in my heart,
It has long gone out.
The twists, the blood, the veins, they are like art.
Every heartbeat is just a shout, a shout, a shout.

I reach in the dark
I long for some light,
For what is the point of being
If you have to live in fright?

She would feel the ice creeping, growing in her chest
And soon, she knew, she would ever rest,
But there was one last thing she had to do.
She had to say goodbye, I love you too.

And then, the angels said,
The poor girl perished into the land of dead,
For all of it she could take no more,
And there she shall wait, forevermore.


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  • Brendan Huffor by Brendan Huffor
  • 3 years ago

I loved this poem. It was beautiful with that hint of dark, which made it so perfect. Very nice. Bravo.

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