Death Poem by Teens

On my birthday my grandpa fell ill. We just thought he had pneumonia but when he went to the doctor it was bad news. What we thought was pneumonia was actually late stage 4 cancer. The doctors were sorry and they could not do anything. We waited as the days turned into a month and then he passed away on January 8 of this year. I was devastated but I had my family to think about so I pushed my pain aside. Now it is easier but I still miss him.

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Grandpa Where Did You Go?


Published: February 2012

Where did you go to grandpa?
Did you fly to heaven with grandma at your side?
You always told me to look to the sky.
Now I look and try to picture you up there.

I try so hard to remember you and how you looked.
But you always seem to slip out of focus.
I can remember your smell like an old cigarette.
You always had a little smile waiting to appear.

Most thought you were mean and grumpy.
But they just saw the outside of you.
I can remember how you laughed.
So quick it was hard to catch.

Can you see me where you are now?
Do you like what I have done to my hair?
Do you know how much I miss you?
Or how much I want to cry in outrage?

You were younger than Jack and yet you are gone.
How I question my faith now that you are gone.
I try to hold on to the memories.
But it seems like mist is easier to catch.

The wounds are still raw even after all this time.
But like they say they heal with time.
I want you to know we are planting your garden.
You loved the earth like a child.

Even now I still feel you in the soil and in the labor.
I will always miss you grandpa.
The one thing I need you to know is I will always love you.
Tell Grandma hi for me where you are.


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