Mother Poem

A daughter raises a toast to her Mom who is the glue that holds her family together and so much more.

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Here's To You, Mom


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2006 with permission of the Author.

My brothers and sisters raise your glasses and salute-

Here's To You, Mom

Not straying far from her birthplace, she planted her roots and watched us grow.
With little experience, she showed us the world.
With little money, she made us a home.
With pain in her heart, she adoringly smiled upon us and shielded us from her wounds.
She has been the nourishment rushing through the veins of our lineage.
Through her compassion, she has made us strong.

Our roots have traveled in all directions, with no hopes of settling near by her.
Quietly she prays for us, quietly she cries for us.
Her tears are felt from one heart to another, from one long distance to the next.
For it has been her that keeps us together.
For it has been her that gave us the strength to be apart.
She encouraged us to find ourselves: she gave us our choice.
Through her humble eyes, she has made us wise.

When we go to that place where memories are kept,
We can find her there with her hand upon ours soothing us.
She lives within, giving us reason and hope.
The value of her life is precious, yet she claims she has no purpose.
No matter how far we stray from our birthplace, the thought of her will always bring us home.
She shall forever have a purpose.
She shall forever have us.
Through her unselfish love, she has mended us.

With Love
Susan Beach


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