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Hodgkin's Disease

Just a small town country boy, writing a letter to my sister. At a very young age she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease, when it had less than a 10% cure rate. Last year she found out she had primary liver cancer, by the way she never drank a day in her life, it puzzled every doctor she had contact with, nothing never showed on any test until it was too late. She lead a wonderful life with God- trusting him every step of the way. She died recently leaving behind 5 children, a husband, mother, father, sister, and brother.

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My sister had illnesses all her life from eye troubles. Graves' disease , psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. She lived in spite of it all. You never really knew how sick she was. She liked...

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Life Beginning


Published: July 2008

As I was not there the day of your birth,
I rely on stories to tell of your worth.
A few years pass, and a miracle once more
Our family, growing again, has now reached four.
Growing together, we all had our fears
Living together , sharing love and tears.
As time passed along we all grew stronger
Who would knew that would not last much longer.
I can not remember how it started,
News from the doctor, said  that you would be departed.
Our parents crying, praying! You must be wrong.
The test confirming, Treatment would be long.
Little chance is what they give you to live.
You, your strength, you showed them what a child could give.
Never once complaining about the hand you were dealt.
Only praying to God about how you felt.
Answering our prayers is what he's done.
Giving us time to share, love and have fun.
As time passed our family grew one again
A miracle added, another girls life begins.
Growing up together, it was not easy to share.
Two on one, it was never fair.
Our parents always tried to teach us right
But as children and teenagers we wanted to fight
As time passed we all got older
Our family growing bigger and bolder.
The little child, when young, who was so sick
Has now grown, with a belly 9 months thick.
A child, she will never have, is what they said.
Now she is keeping five children fed.
More problems with her health were soon to begin.
No-one thought that she would be cursed again.
The sickness this time in worse than before.
No treatment at all could even the score.
The medicines, the test, you all done in stride.
Knowing the whole time God was by your side.
Creating moments with you is what we all done.
But the ones from our childhood are the most fun.
Prayer for you grew by the minute,
A prayer was not spoken without you in it.
It seemed the more we prayed the sicker you became
Your belief stayed strong, never cursing His Name.
Your final breath taken, we were all in shock.
And Our prayers continued around the clock.
Why have you taken this Mother is what we all screamed and cried.
Never Knowing, GOD was saying This Child Will Be By My Side.
For eternity she will sit by GOD at last
All her wanting and sickness a thing of the past.
Prayer for her is not needed any more,
Pray for ourselves to be with her once more.
Her life is just  beginning you see
A life to be sought by you and me.


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  • Dianna Orourke by Dianna Orourke, Pa
  • 6 years ago

My sister had illnesses all her life from eye troubles. Graves' disease , psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. She lived in spite of it all. You never really knew how sick she was. She liked it that way. She was a light for many people . She was diagnosed 19 months ago with 4th stage lung cancer. She passed away September 3 2015. I miss her every day. She fought hard. I was with her at the last breath. I hope she is happy and pain free. I know she's at peace . I'm just sorry for myself. The hardest thing I ever did was tell her it was okay to go. Biggest lie I ever told.

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