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Poem About Nephew In Prison

My adopted nephew and two other men who helped him sadly killed a man one night. He will more than likely be in prison for the rest of his life or he may get the death penalty because it was committed in the state of Texas. This horrific crime affected so many including all the members of his family and also including the victim's family too. I wrote this so that maybe this could aid in the healing process for all.

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How Can It Be?

© more by Audra A. Allensworth Parsons

Published: March 2012

On that fateful day I will never forget
when I got the word, down on my knees is where I went;
The breath inside my body was gone and my mind
went to my sister where it belonged~

You are her son, a man to his wife and a daddy of two;
you never realized what you are putting them through;
a man's life you have taken and that you can never undo~

Where was that boy she tried to raise?
Did you get lost or did you just run away? 
Could you not find your way back through the long stormy night
and if you did were you expecting a fight?

Your loving wife sat for hours on end;
waiting and longing for you to come home
while saying to herself 
"I just don't understand"
then your babies would begin with their demands~
"Where is our Daddy and Why won't he come home?",
were the questions that the only answer that could be given
was "I just do not know..."

The choices you made on that night all began with a car,
two others and a man at his home which sat on his land~

As a Mom we try to teach our children to do what is right;
to do unto others and kiss each other
each day and each night~

So how can it be? Is what we wonder right now
so many lives; relationships have been
affected that you must never have quite expected~

The victim, his mother and siblings too;
were all included with the harm you put him through
Not only was his life taken that day
but yours now sits in a cell so far away~

Your mother, father, brothers and kin are all paying the price for your ultimate sin;
Even me, your aunt, whom you have grown to love, sheds a single tear and asks
How can it be oh how can it be?
One life touched so many and doesn't he see?
How can it be was the first thing I asked;
followed by why?
Then the tears, oh how they fell
'cause of the love I have for you all goes deeper than a well~

Here alone is where I will sit
where I will continue to help wherever I can;
whether it be to offer a ear or lend a helping hand~
Just please try to remember this if you will
that many of us love you still~

We will write and pray till our dying days
if that is what we must do;
just never forget that no matter what we
will always love you~


more by Audra A. Allensworth Parsons

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