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Poem About Broken Relationship With Mom

I wrote this poem just now about my mom and how she makes me feel. When my parents got a divorce my mom went back to her old boyfriend. And now she neglects me and my 2 older sisters.I have a tough time knowing my mom isn't around to show me the ropes. But it's her choice. I still love her. But it doesn't seem like she loves me anymore.

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I can feel this poem. My father died early. I live with my 2 siblings and mother. My grandparents pay for everything for us. My mother is a good person only towards my siblings. She takes me...

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How Do You Call Yourself A Mom?


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009 with permission of the Author.

Looking in your eyes
Tells me something's wrong.
Never began to realize
You've neglected for so long.

It seems you're never there,
You never really try,
And every time I want to be with you
You make up stupid lies.

I feel as if
I'm just your friend,
That you hate being around,
So don't pretend.

Don't say you love me
With that dreadful tone.
It doesn't make sense
Why you never answer your phone.

It's pathetic to know
You had three daughters,
But you have nothing to do with any of them;
That truly makes me wonder.

Sure our family has had problems,
But not that bad that you can ignore,
So if you expect me to stick around,
I'll walk right out of the door.

You wonder why I live with dad.
At least he does try.
Daddy has always cared about me.
Do you know how much this makes me cry?

I feel like you're dead
Because you're never there.
You're dead to me.
How is that fair?

I have never done anything to hurt you,
And your boyfriend comes before me?
That's bull crap, Mom.
Pay attention to me.

It's always poor, poor, pitiful you.
You always have problems.
You tell me your troubles
Like I'm supposed to stop them?

You used to call every day
Just to see how I was doing.
Now it's like you don't own a phone
As my emotions are brewing.

It's so hard not to cry
Knowing my mother is barely around.
I see girls so close the their mothers,
But it's as if mine is already in the ground.

Do you ever cry over me, Mom?
Do you ever stop and wonder
About how I am doing?
You're just a silent thunder.

I hate loving you.
There's no point if it's not returned.
My sisters hate it too.
I feel like my skin is in a blazing fire being burned.

Trying to smile
When I'm with you, never seem to faze me.
You were always the "cool mom"
But now you don't care about me.

So now when you need me,
I hope you know I won't be here.
I hope one day you read this
And it brings a world of fear.

I don't want your hugs
And fake understanding.
I want a mom
Who is never-ending.

I'm sorry, Mom,
But I gotta say
I'll always love you
But never look my way!


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  • Kayuusha by Kayuusha
  • 3 years ago

I can feel this poem. My father died early. I live with my 2 siblings and mother. My grandparents pay for everything for us. My mother is a good person only towards my siblings. She takes me as an extra piece in a family.
I do morning and evening housework chores because I thought every single time I help she’ll love me and ask me if I’ve had breakfast, care for me, and look at me, but she never asks me if I’ve eaten or not. She always tells her problems to me. I listen to everything, but when I’m in trouble she doesn’t even pay attention to it. She gives money to my little sister and brother but not me. She told me that when she saw me she felt angry without reason. I’m going through migraine problems, but I can’t receive a single word from her.
I can feel this father died early I live with my 2 siblings n mother grandparents pay for everything for mother is a good person only towards my siblings she take me as a extra piece in a family.

  • Kourtney Gribble by Kourtney Gribble
  • 6 years ago

I like this poem because when I was around 5 and my brother was 3, my mom and dad divorced and she left. Now she comes to visit every 5 months because she went with her crazy boyfriend who tries to kill her. She left me my brother and my 2 older sisters and it's sad that I was left to be the woman of the house not knowing if I am doing it right because I was never taught by my mom.

  • Cecilia Castillo by Cecilia Castillo
  • 9 years ago

I have been in foster care for 6 years and it's really sad to have this feeling, because ever since I was 8 my mother seemed to not care about her family anymore. My mom has a boyfriend and acts as were not even her children, sometimes I wish I could use the words "My Mom" around my friends. When my friends talk about their mother and what their moms are doing with them it hits me, it hits my heart like I've been shot cause I want to have a mother who cares enough to let me know that she loves me or when I wake up in the morning and she says "Good Morning did you sleep well?" but those days are gone but until I find my real mother. I'll just keep crying like always when nobody is looking.

  • Clh by Clh
  • 8 years ago

I am sorry you feel this way. I am a mom of 3 biological grown children and a foster mom of 4 amazing children that I love dearly. They have a good relationship with their moms but a lot of times get let down but I am there to pick up the pieces . I shop with them , do lunches with them, movies, games, boating etc. I treat them the same as my biological children and I hope they feel loved .

I hope you can find a peaceful place and someone that makes you feel loved. No one should not feel like they have a family to support them through good and bad times .

  • Lauren by Lauren, Bruno
  • 9 years ago

My mom left my family about four years ago. She's narcissistic and selfish. She intentionally reeks havoc onto everyone's lives just because she can. She is never there and blames it on everyone else. When I'm with her I don't even feel like she's my mother. Is that possible? I feel like she died the day she left.

  • Susan Shutt by Susan Shutt
  • 7 years ago

So sorry. My heart breaks for you. I hope you guys can forget and forgive and have a relationship. I know it takes a lot of time. Actions speak louder than words. Sorry Hun. I have 3 wonderful kids. I'm not the perfect mom but try. They are all grown up and still call me every single day. I just lost my Mom. I hope that you one day try to make amends with your mom, but if it can't happen, I completely understand. Prayers for you.

  • Herp Derp by Herp Derp
  • 9 years ago

I honestly feel really bad for you..
Okay, so my mom has this boss, and he is MARRIED, yet they still have affairs behind his 'wife's' back! And now, he comes over almost everyday! He practically lives here! Now, all my mom pays attention to is her phone (texting her boss)! It's SO annoying. I wish she could at least LISTEN to me.. When I try to talk to her she always says "hold on" or "I'm working".. Yeah right, working aka texting Mark (Mark is her boss's name)
I honestly hope she sees this and realizes how heartbreaking this is for you, and I hope this gets better.
xx - Hailey :)

  • Ellen Levesque by Ellen Levesque, PA
  • 9 years ago

OMG!!! My mom is JUST like this. Only she pays attention to my sister and favors her. It made me cry when I thought about how true this is with my mom. She won't even listen to me when I tell her I'm having serious trouble breathing. I would go and live with my dad, but my mom wouldn't listen when I tell her I want to live with him. I FEEL SOOO BAD FOR YOU!!

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmr by Mmmmmmmmmmmmmr
  • 6 years ago

I feel the same way too, and my parents aren't divorced, but they are constantly fighting.

  • Elsa Rosenfeld by Elsa Rosenfeld
  • 10 years ago

Your poem is so deep I can feel your pain.

My daughter has a friend who had the same problem. Yet she went on with her life and is now an elementary teacher. With all her pain, she did not allow her mother to destroy her. Neither should you.

The best pay back? Success in life! Get help thru a therapist, pastor, priest or rabbi. Don't know if you believe in God, but I do and will pray for you.

  • Jbecket by Jbecket
  • 10 years ago

I am 48. I suppose my Mum perhaps had not had much life experience when she married. She moved from her parents straight into marriage at 21 giving birth to me 9 months later, followed by post natal depression and then the birth of my sister (a sickly child). I never had a real bond with my mum, always made to feel unwanted and in the way. I suffered constant criticism and even physical abuse and violence. All of this has impacted me in a big way. I love my Dad to bits and I think I love my mum. I am always looking for approval and love, but it just isn't there. She keeps things from me, and lies about stuff. As far as I am aware, I never did any wrong to be treated this way. I just wish I could stop caring about this stuff. It affects my relationships and how I cope. I could go on as this is just the tip of the iceberg. I just want to enjoy my life without the hang ups that have been impressed on me. I so hate how she makes me feel even now.

  • Mishti by Mishti
  • 10 years ago

I know how it feels to have a selfish mum. My parents got separated when I was a kid. My mum had a boyfriend whom she couldn't marry as formal divorce came thru only when I was 18. By then it was too late. Her boyfriend bullied me, scared me, tried to cheat me out of my rightful share of property. But mum hardly ever supported me - always picked his side. All the sentiment feeling that she displayed were fake. But now that she is old and the boyfriend is not keen in looking after her - she has come to live with me. There are all sorts of adjustment problems. I can't forget that she was not there to support me when I needed her, but expects me to provide financial and emotional support, look after and feed her. I AM TAKING CARE but I HATE IT. CAN'T BEAR HER SIGHT, HATE THE SOUND OF HER VOICE. My family life is disturbed - wish she would leave in peace but since she has nowhere to go have to bear her presence. WHY DO WOMEN BECOME MOTHERS IF THEY DON'T WANT KIDS?

  • Greeneville Tennessee by Greeneville Tennessee
  • 10 years ago

Wow, great poem. Wish I could tell it to my mom, just for her to understand. I'm just like my dad, and my mom left my dad because she didn't like the way he was. So threes no reason for her to like me. You really touched my soul with this poem, along with many other people. Thank you!

  • Amber by Amber
  • 10 years ago

I just had an argument with my mom which caused me to cry. I read your poem and it made me stop because now it feels like someone understands what I'm going through. Being with my mom is like a roller coaster. One minute she "loves" you and the next minute she's yelling and mad at me about something I had nothing to do with. I feel like she thinks that just because she has the title "mother" over me that she can treat me any way. She can treat me worse than other people she may not be related to. I'm just confused because I love her, she is my mom, but sometimes I feel like she doesn't love me. Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve being treated the way I do by her.

  • Fonstella by Fonstella, Malaysia
  • 11 years ago

My mum also the same even the story is not exactly the same. My parent divorced when I was a toddler, then both remarried until I was eight when my dad had passed away in car accident. My grandparent took care of me until I was seventeen. Then, I live with my mum. She never showed her loves to me. She never care if I am sick or in depression, for her, I just a burden. When I further study, She blame me for the causes of family financial problem, even though I have a brother who always asked for her money. She said I am a burden. I am so sad. There are so many things that she did to me but I kept it inside my many things she had done to me that hurt me and if I want to write it out, it will be a long story.

  • Allie by Allie
  • 11 years ago

I can relate with this all too well. My mom has only ever devoted her life to her two sons, and as I'm her only daughter; I'm neglected every day. The only time she 'talks to me" is when she wants to complain about her own problems or boss me around, but she never asks about me, what I want, or how I'm feeling. It's sad that every boyfriend she's ever had has noticed, and even when they tell her about it, she just denies.... That woman is forever blind.

Hope your mom changes before your relationship is torn apart. =/

  • Cheyenne by Cheyenne
  • 11 years ago

I know how you feel. My mother has chosen drugs over me several times. She is in detox as we speak to get off of meth and cocaine. She will probably die and if not she will never be the mom I used to cuddle with, admire, and share secrets with. I love my mother but she ripped all the hope of having a normal life from me. If you need to talk say the word. I'm only 14 but I've been through so much in my life dealing with divorce, drugs, and my mom's stupid choice of friends and boyfriends. I there for you. :)

  • Hope by Hope, Arizona
  • 11 years ago

The part about her mothers boyfriend coming first touched me so much because that's why my mother left my brother and I. So she could live in another state with him.

  • Courtney by Courtney
  • 13 years ago

I feel like you wrote this for me. Exactly. My mom isn't in my life.. and omg it's just as if you wrote this for me. Except, it's sad to say my mom was never a cool mom, or anything.. and I'm not even sure if I love her. She was never in my life.. soo.
But thanks for the poem.:)

  • Jennifer by Jennifer
  • 13 years ago

No perfect world and no perfect people - just the walking wounded. The mother's have their stories of heart ache and rejection from children with sharp critical tongues. Both have their stories and once you live long enough, you walk on both sides. Venting pain doesn't help, doing your own consistent best and trying different things when something is not working. What solution do you want? Then give that input - and whilst being honest, be caring and honor mother enough to try to see things from her point of view. Unfortunately we think we have the roles established forever - mother gives, we take - that is what we learnt from day one. A better relationship is not gained thru self introverted sorrow. Respect and even distance sometimes is what is needed. Both mother and child get wounded and healing is hard in this stressful, painful world of the walking wounded.

  • April by April
  • 13 years ago

This poem touched me because I live with my dad and my mom and I always fight. But I still LOVE her

  • Yesenia by Yesenia
  • 13 years ago

I love this poem because I know how it feels cause me and my mom fight and she looks like she don't care. Sometimes I just wanna runaway from all this... but I try to make it work but it seems like it never does....="(

  • Iman by Iman
  • 14 years ago

I love this poem and it picture exactly how my relationship with my mom. The worst part is I lost my beloved dad and no one there to encourage and support me anymore. I always cry in the middle of night and sometimes thinking there's no reason I'm staying alive..

  • andrea by andrea
  • 14 years ago

this poem made me cry because its almost exactly what I'm going through with my mom right now :'(

  • Cayla Greene by Cayla Greene
  • 15 years ago

I want to say that when I read this poem it almost made me cry. My mother was never there for me..I don't know what it feels like to have that relationship with a mom figure. I've gone through so much it's unreal..this poem really touched me.

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