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In Love With Justin Bieber

I love this famous guy and you know I will never meet him. So this is for you Justin Bieber.

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I Can't Help Myself


Published: August 2011

When I see you standing there... Did you even notice me?
I sit in class and you're on my mind... But you're in that class.
At lunch I stand in the line and wait with friends... But you're in the same line.

I was going to a concert with my friends... But it's your concert.
We are in the front row... You come out on stage.
I sing along with your lyrics... You stop and stare at me.

I stop singing and look in your eyes... You tell them to stop the track.
You make the guard take me on stage... I stand there and look like a lost puppy.
You take me by the hand and start to sing... I stare in your eyes.

You pull me closer... I get a little scared.
I start to lean in... So do you.
We Kiss and I get tingles in my whole body... We live happily ever after!




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